Assignment on Human Resource Practices - Hilton Hotel

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Running head: HILTON HOTELHilton HotelName of the student:Name of the university:Author note
1HILTON HOTELPart 1: ProposalIntroductionIn the contemporary world of stiff competition, there is always an issue regardingmanagement of products and services. To gain competitive advantage in the market, attention isgiven on the presentation of better product and services. The way in which it can be attained bythe utilization of human resources is also looked after. This assignment will look into the humanresource practices that affect the performance of the employees in the Hilton Hotel of NewZealand. It is an iconic hotel in the central location. They will need to stay ahead in thecompetition in order to gain the greatest market share. The research will focus on the sources ofcompetitive advantage in this particular hotel. The objectives will be linked with the topic of theparticular research area. The problem statement of this research is centered on the motivation ofemployees in the popular Hilton hotel of Auckland, New Zealand[ CITATION Cha17 \l 1033 ].ObjectivesThe objectives of carrying out this research on the topic of motivating the employees inthe Hilton hotel for gaining competitive advantage are listed below:1)To examine the importance of motivating the employees in the hotel industry2)To evaluate the importance of motivation for staying in the competitive market3)To determine the negative impact if the employees are not motivatedResearch questions1)What is the importance of motivating the employees in the Hilton hotel?
2HILTON HOTEL2)How would motivation act as the competitive advantage in the hotel industry?3)What will be the negative impact on Hilton hotel if employees are not motivated?4)How would employee motivation help in retaining them?Literature Review ScopeThe literature review of this particular study will look into the problems faced by themanagement in motivating the employees in the hospitality sector. It will be effective in findingout the importance of motivation for competitive advantage with particular emphasis on theHilton hotel New Zealand. However, the review will be limited to the last 5 years to gatherspecific information.Information SourceRelevance1.Amin, M., Aldakhil, A. M.,Wu, C., Rezaei, S., &Cobanoglu, C. (2017). Thestructural relationship betweenTQM, employee satisfactionand hotel performance. .International Journal ofContemporary HospitalityManagement, 1256-1278.This article has focused on therelationship betweenemployee satisfaction andhotel performance therefore itis relevant in the research ofthe effectiveness of employeemotivation in the Hilton hotelof New Zealand.2.Ariza-Montes, A., Arjona-Fuentes, J. M., Han, H., &Law, R. (2017). Employeeresponsibility and basichuman values in thehospitality sector. .International Journal ofHospitality Management, 78-87.This paper has looked into theconnection between thedifferent groups of hotelemployees and their respectiveresponsibility. Therefore thiswill be appropriate in findingthe importance of employeemotivation in their respectiveposition.3.Chan, E. S., Hon, A. H.,Okumus, F., & Chan, W.(2017). An empirical study ofenvironmental practices andemployee ecological behaviorin the hotel industry.JournalThis paper has focused on theimpact of ecology andenvironment and theimplementation of greenpractices in the hotel industry.It is relevant because the staff
3HILTON HOTELof Hospitality & TourismResearch, 585- the Hilton hotel will be ableto work by maintaining thisspecific policy.4.Chang, J. H., & Teng, C. C.(2017). Intrinsic or extrinsicmotivations for hospitalityemployees’ creativity: Themoderating role oforganization-level regulatoryfocus. .International Journalof Hospitality Management,133-141.This particular paper hasconsidered the personality andleadership as the motivatingfactor for employee creativityand organizationalimprovement. It is wellrelevant to the problem forthis particular research ofmotivating employees in theHilton hotel.5.Putra, E. D., Cho, S., & Liu, J.(2017). Extrinsic and intrinsicmotivation on workengagement in the hospitalityindustry: Test of motivationcrowding theory. .Tourismand Hospitality Research,228-241.This article has found out theimportance of motivationcrowding theory among thehotel employees and thustotally apt for the particularresearch problem of the Hiltonhotel.6.Tarí, J. J., Pereira-Moliner, J.,Pertusa-Ortega, E. M., López-Gamero, M. D., & Molina-Azorín, J. F. (2017). Doesquality management improveperformance or vice versa?Evidence from the hotelindustry.Service Business, 23-43.This paper has identified andanalyzed the performancelevels of hotel employees andtheir possible selection effectin the hotel industry. Thus, itis appropriate for theparticular research on theHilton hotel of New Zealand.MethodThe report will be done based on both primary and secondary sources of data gathered bythe researcher. This particular report will consider firsthand data as well as the informationgathered from secondary sources of data such as censuses, information gained from governmentdepartments, organizational records and other data.
4HILTON HOTELEthics and limitationsThis research will be carried out by following the ethics of confidentiality, impact on theparticipants, anonymity or informed consent. For instance, no information of the respondentswill be made public without their consent. There will not be any biasness on the respondentswhile expressing their opinions on the issue.Problem StatementThe problem statement for this research will focus on motivating and binding theemployees of Hilton Hotel of Auckland, New Zealand. It will help them to perform properly bywhich the hotel will attain competitive advantage in the market.Rationale of the researchThe key reason of conducting this research is to find out the importance of employeemotivation in the Hilton hotel. The study will be of significant importance to know the factorsthat will help the hotel to stay ahead in the competitive market. The prime intention behindcarrying out this research work is to focus on the negative effects, which will grab theperformance of the employees if they are not motivated[ CITATION Ami17 \l 1033 ].If thisorganization is implementing any strategy, they should make sure that their mission is linkedwith the individual objectives of the employees. It will be helpful in making the employeesinterested in their particular work which will be helpful for the improvement of theorganizational performance. With the proceeding of this research study the researcher will alsobe able to find out that the particular hotel will be able to sustain in the competitive market bymotivating the employees[ CITATION Ari17 \l 1033 ].This research will take into
5HILTON HOTELconsideration the factors that might affect the performance of the employees if they are notmotivated.
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