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Hip Hop1IntroductionHip-hop is predominantly was taken as male oriented rapping music genre developed by African American but in 1980’s female also came into this are and spread their charisma over millions ofpeople.Executive summaryThis small piece of report is about my selection of those 3 hip hoppers in which one is group and 2 are individuals who took hip hop into a new high and gave new definition to this genre.About The section criteria I used for selection the best 3 for me is “Sexism” and “Siesta with attitudeare the two essential categories as examined by Keyes. Mitchell, T. (Ed.). (2001).The sequence which was the trio of hip hoppers led by Angie Brown Stone came up with Funk you up. This song is unconventional and the vocal, tempo and lyrics are truly representing sexism of these African American with a great sense of attitude in lines.This was followed by MC Lyte who brought Ruff Neck who herself represented and expressed like what women want and what male does with them. This represents the aura attitude she carried and of course use of words itself forms a sexism approach to song. The great sense of Steller music makes this tune interesting.Foxy Brown’s ill Na Na, the concept of Vagina representing sexism in song. The swag and tempo of the lyrics and music makes it people to come and dance on floor.

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