Historical Development In Travel & Tourism Industry | Assignment

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TASK 1 History and structure of travel and tourism1.1 Key historical developments in the travel and tourism sectorTravel and tourism is a sector which has a very unique development history. Travel andtourism sector has a growth. This sector has made a development trend in past few years,astourism is considered as one of the most important industry which has contributed a major sharein economy of countries. There are a number of historical developments in travel and tourismindustry some of them are mentioned below :Holiday Camps : From 1945 to 1960 Holiday camps were very famous they werecontributing a major part in total revenue of travel and tourism sector.Package Holidays : In year 1949 tour operators started providing tour and travel servicesto its customers so that they can easily get several facility while travelling to theirdestination.Technological Development : In year 1990 technology has become a major part of traveland tourism sector as technology provides relaxation to a person hence customers starteddemanding for better facilities in affordable rates. Hence tour operators developed thisindustry by implementing better technology in it.1.2 Structure of the travel and tourism sectorTravel and tourism sector has a vast structure which has numerous components. Thestructure of travel and tourism sector is mentioned below :Tourist attraction : Tourist attraction is the main component of tourist attraction. Therevenue of travel and tourism sector is depend on the attraction of tourism.Transport : 25% of the total revenue in travel and tourism sector is from transport. Henceit forms a major part of travel and tourism.Tour operators : They deliver packages to customer so that they can get better facilities inless efforts.
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