Historical developments in the travel and tourism sector Assignment

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Historical developments in the travel and tourism sector1945-1979Since 1945, it is the year when travel industry had been come ineconomic market. These sectors was also plays an important in growth ofeconomic rate of UK. Form mid-1950s, in UK there was a greatdevelopment of travel sectors; it was also considered as business activitiesthat are helpful in providing employment. Therefore the industry wastreated as the one of the biggest tool of economic growth anddevelopment (Evans, Stonehouse and Campbell, 2012). People ofmedium income with rich background started to take interest in travellingof different destinations and different countries,1980 to presentForm 1980s, it was expected that travel and tourism industryhelpful in providing 266 million jobs in a year. By the time, there wereseveral airlines and transport services involved in travel and tourismsectors. Along with this, there was so many big companies and businessestablished in UK and Europe that only deals in travelling and hotelindustries.Travel and tourism is the one of the most famousindustry in overall world. Everyone likes to travel tospend their holidays. In ancient times, only rich used togo for vacations on abroad destinations. The Worldtravel counselling has been indicated that tourismcreates 10% outputs in total global economy and 1% inproviding jobs (Moutinho, 2011).The historicalreview of travel and tourism sector, is as follow: -Before 1945In old times and approximately till the end of16thcentury, all the peoples were living in agriculturecommunities, rural area and local communities. After1950s, travelling industries and sectors that involvestransport operators, travel agents, tour agents andhotels all tended to work separately. As per thedevelopment in time, the sector of travel and tourismservices to customers industries also had been grownup fast. Many hotels, railway and airlines areconnected to this business in order to providingquality.INTRODUCTIONTravel and tourism industry is very ancient and italso has been picking up popularity day by day.Now a days there are so many peoples are keen oftravelling and prefer to go on holidays, arechoosing travel to abroad. The aim of this reportis to understand the role of travel and tourismsector in different countries and differentdestinations. The case study starts with historyand structure of travel and tourism sector, alongwith this it also introduce about the functions ofgovernment and non-government andinternational travel and tourism industries. Alongwith this, the economic policies and legal chargesare also having been discussed in order toevaluate the influence of international travel andtourism agencies. The impact of demand andsupply within the travel and tourism sectors italso has been evaluated
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