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1HISTORYIn the year 1946, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had delivered a historicspeech to the citizen of United States regarding the sudden rise of Soviet power in the worldpolitics (Churchill, 2015). The speech is known as the Iron Curtain Speech. According to hisview, Soviet Union is trying to spread the doctrine of communism in the globe. Communismis considered as a serious threat to the world, as there is a possibility that this step caninstigate the war-based mentality and the only solution could be total dependence on theUnited Nation (Levering, 2016). Sir Churchill was concentrated on the idea of self-determination. In his word, self-determination helps to establish the idea of equal rightsamong the countries. The political expansion of Soviet Union will ram the idea of self-determination that restricts the concept of political interference and there is a possible chancefor the world to be witnessed another World War. Winston Churchill was very muchdepended on the decision made by the United Nation, as he thought that only this institutionhas the ability to prevent the threat of war (White, 2013). He has suggested the Americans tocast their vote for the peace and freedom to avoid the detrimental effect of war. He had alsowarned the people regarding the ill desire of the communism by stating that the tradetransaction can be harmed and they can affect the military goals of the United States.However, he was of the opinion that United States and more specifically the peace lovingpersons should stand against the violent acts of Soviet Union.The impacts of the speech of Sir Churchill had able to create political excitementamong the people. The main subject matter of his speech was the unwanted expansion ofSoviet Union in the states of Eastern Europe. He has critically analysed the object ofexpansion and point out the reason and outcome of such expansion. He had suggested certaindiplomatic policies to stop the expansion. He was of the view to limit the power of Russia inits western border (Watson, 2016). However, he supports the policies taken by Soviet Unionregarding the German aggression and admits that Soviet Union is one of the most powerful
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