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Political History of Canada 1914-1945

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Added on  2023-03-20

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This essay provides an in-depth analysis of the political history of Canada between 1914 and 1945, focusing on the impact of the two world wars and social changes during this period.

Political History of Canada 1914-1945

   Added on 2023-03-20

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Political History of Canada 1914-1945_1
This essay makes an in-depth analysis of the political history of Canada between 1914 till 1945.
The evolution of the political history of this period is conducted on the basis of four primary
sources as well as other empirical sources also. The first two sources are news articles that give
detailed information regarding the political ups and downs of the contemporary era in Canada.
The other two sources are mainly journal articles which make in-depth analysis of the main
political operations of that period and strategic highlights the impact of the political events on
Canada on the international front as well as in the context of the future of the country. The period
selected for study here, is the time zone surrounding the two world wars. The political history of
Canada becomes all the more strategically important considering the fact that the first Nations
were dynamically transform through participation in the first world war similar to that of the
larger societies like Canada as well as The USA.
During the period of the First World War it was decided that the registered Indians could not be
conscripted. However in spite of that native people voluntary fought with the armed forces of
Canada with display of skills in fighting. However after the war ended the people who had
fought for the emancipation of the country, return home to see that the same social inequalities
still existed. As highlighted in the two news articles, majority of the male population in file Hills
Indian colony joint Military Service during the war from 1914 to 1918. We get specific names of
activists like Lieutenant Frederick Ogilvie Loft. He had membership of six nations in the First
World War. His role in the international front decided the position of Canada in many precepts.
England and he tried to gain the audience With the King as well as the Privy Council of the
Political History of Canada 1914-1945_2
Sovereign state in order to relate the social economic situation that prevailed in his home country
The research articles identify that the greatest powers had engaged into a conflict like something
which had never happened before and written was absorbed into this war as a natural
consequence and so was automatically, Canada. The Canadians, as discussed earlier also,
exhibited extraordinary participation over land, sea and air. However, internally there was a great
split occurring in the country around the time of 1917 over issues like conscription. Shortage of
armed manpower on western front of Europe led to the undertaking of the decision of
compulsory military service policy implementation. Election of union government ruled by
British Canadian liberals supported the conscription policy. Nevertheless, Borden compares the
ruler of the pro conscription union government received great support from French Canadians,
non British members as well as medical labour elements. This fascinated dramatic National spirit
among the Canadian and the huge Indian Canadian population also took up arms to save the
interest of the country (The Canadian Encyclopedia. 2019).
Although, one of the research articles used as a primary source of study, highlights that there was
seldom any change in the internal political conditions, there were other positive impacts on the
country also. The country had developed productivity as well as efficiency alongside winning a
new international status being a unique signatory to Treaty of Versailles and member of the
League of Nations. However, in short contrast the discussions of one of the news articles
regarding the Canadian history of this period can be highlighted here. The article discusses that
the position of women in society was upgraded after the war and this is evident in giving the
right of voting to women.
Political History of Canada 1914-1945_3

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