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1ENTREPRENEURSHIP1.History of EntrepreneurshipAgricultural Age is referred as the time between the 18th century and the last of 19th centuryin which many improvements were noticed in agricultural production and technology. Someinventions of this age contain of the plough and the wheel, which later on went on to improve thelives of people via effective farming and also food surpluses. Due to that, towns developed andexpanded, and the contemporary trade and commerce centers started to spring up in certainregions (Landes, Mokyr & Baumol, 2012).At the time of Industrial Age, energy sources and power driven machinery were introduced.Growth and expansion became swifter, in which the work environment changed from beingindividual to being group based in a more centralized setting. Factories mass produced products.Some of the most famous inventions of this age includes textile mills, large scale productionequipment and the steam engine. People started becoming more interested in working in cities,which ultimately led to the overcrowding of those cities. One more situation that came up wasthe improved control over the resources by the rich people, and this further widened theinequality between them and the poor people.The Information Age was also known as the Computer Age or the Digital Age. The agecame into being with the advent of the internet and after that the personal computers. Thetechnological changes of this age comprise of the World Wide Web, which started off withmilitary applications and then moving in to business applications and then to individual use, theinternet, microprocessors and fiber optics. Information digitalization had huge influence onseveral industries like entertainment, education, publishing and retailing. Consequent to thisdevelopment emerged a new paradigm generated by virtual technology emerged, high speedinternet and other different technologies. According to argument, this new paradigm gave rise to

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