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1HISTORY ESSAYIntroduction:The essay aims at discussing the facts of history in the European Nations. During theperiod 1870 and 1900, there existed European diplomatic pressures, imperialist aggression,military invasions, colonization and eventual conquest on Africa. Although the Africansocieties resisted against attempts of colonizing their country but it was not of much help.The essay tries to provide an insight into the benefits of having overseas colonies by theEuropean Nations. There is also discussion on the meaning of Imperialism for the people whowere under the control of the Imperialist Nations during the nineteenth century.Discussion:The creation of colonies takes place due to various reasons. There are some countriesthat establish colonies for ensuring economic expansion whereas there is other nation whoencourages the concept of colonies for acquiring more farmland in order to feed the growingpopulation in terms of more food and water. Jamestown was the first permanent colony ofEngland established in the year 1607 (Barbour, 2017). However, the interest of the EuropeanNations in having overseas colonies has primarily been economic gain. This is because theyrealized quite early that it was only the creation of colonies would provide the necessarynatural resources for the ensuring the economic benefit of the nation. This also led to conceptof mercantilism.The European Nations have realizedseveral benefits in having overseas colonies.One of the prime reasons of colonization for the European Nations has been in gainingresources (Easterly & Levine, 2016). The European required raw materials for makingmanufacturing products in the factories that included tobacco, grapes and rice. These rawmaterials were easily available at cheaper rates at the colonies compared to buying them fromthe other countries. The European Nations also realized that resources like silver and gold
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