History Essay on the Territory of Indo China

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1HISTORY ESSAYDuring 1940s, the Japanese fascists invaded the territory of Indo-China in order to establishnew war bases to fight against the allies and fearing them the French government handed overthe rule of Vietnam to them. At least 30000 troops of Japan were stationing in Indo-China andthey had the access of all the major airports of Vietnam. After the destruction of French army,the emperor who was appointed by the French government was allowed to claim independenceof the country and eventually established the national government of Vietnam (Tanaka, 2017).The main power was in the hand of Japanese government though.In the mean time, as Ho Chi Minh said, the communist party of Vietnam formed an allianceunder a leadership that was known as league for the real independence of the country (Chen,2015). Later the country Vietnam was named Viet Minh. When Ho Chi Minh went to china inorder to seek assistance he was arrested and imprisoned by the government of China.Subsequently after the fall of Japanese army, an uprising of the communists was seen in Vietnamand they declared a Democratic republic of Vietnam and finally they got their independence inthe year of 1945. By this time, the communist party of Vietnam gained power when they outcasttheir unorganized rivals like the noncommunist parties. Ho demanded the independence becauseof the service they provided to the World War 2 for the benefit of the allied force. Then thegovernment of democratic Vietnam declared their independence of the father land.Ho claimed that the thought process of the governments of the countries likes France andUnited States were wrong, as they did not feel that Vietnam should earn their independence. Hestated that man is born free and the independence of their father land is one of their fundamentalrights, and thus declaring the independence and establishing a democratic government is the rightthing to do (Jones, 2013). They strongly believed that the people of Vietnam should get the basicright of liberation.
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