History of United States of America Essay

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1AMERICAN HISTORYThe history of United States of America from the years of 1850 to 1920 covers thewhole reconstruction era including the emergence of industrialization and various labor laws.This essay stresses on the economical, social and diplomatic aspects of that situation. In this timethe incessant growth and prosperity in the north and western region of the world has seen thedominance of America in the economic, agricultural and industrial field. Between the years of1865 to 1900 America has seen the average income of a common labor rising almost 34%considering the inflation rate.After getting victorious in the civil war, gradually United States has become a verypowerful nation having a strong government established there. This reconstruction periodbrought in the end of one of the most social ills of America and that is slave trading. The slavesgot their second class citizenship in the land of America under the ‘Jim Crow’ system that wasestablished for almost 90 years after the implication of the new law.The compromise of 1850consists of five basic laws regardingslavery,internal slave trading along with Black codesand this wasthe initial turn of events in the history of America.The individuals with progressiveviews worked with the mid size organizations and fought against the corruption prevalent in thepower structure of America. In between the years of 1865 to 1918, the huge flow of Europeanimmigration made it necessary to revise the labor laws of America and this gave a huge boost tothe industrial and agricultural sector ofAmerica.Abraham Lincoln was one of the leaders ofAmerica who directly opposed the tradition of slavery in public and domestic areas. It is a factthat he stood against all the oddities back then and amended an age old rule stating that traditionof slavery should be eradicated from the society and it will not be encouraged to expand thepractice of slavery in United States of America.
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