HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing Assignment

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HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing1.Through detailed dental examination one can observe this patient's behaviour, physicalfunction, capabilities and habit that may help in identifying the presence of oral healthissues, associated pain and discomfort (Anderson, Noar and Rogers, 2013).2.The other ways include getting knowledge regarding medical history of patients and otherdisease they are facing along with this problem.3.a)It can lead to various oral infections, tooth decays and hinders the normal functioning of themouth and in some cases poor health can also lead to pneumonia(Vann Jr and et.al.,2013).b)It can help in maintaining the proper oral hygiene and prevent person from many oraldisorder and disease.c)Consumption of alcohol can pose a risk that may lead to oral cancer. Abuse of licit andillicit drugs can create complications in oral health (Shen, Wildman and Steele, 2013). Thishighly effect the person's behaviour and may cause severe pain. Herbal treatment can helpin effective management of the oral health and improve the persons normal behaviour.d)Correct infant feeding practices help in preventing the development of early childhood oralproblems. In the initial months breast feeding is important as bottle feeding may lead tomany oral problems.e)Habitual grinding can lead to muscular pain, loose of tooth structure, shortening of teeth,and gum recession.f)Fluid intake of beverages can create the risk of caries and consumption of excessive sugarcan lead to tooth decay.g)Fluoride help in terminating the damages that is already started in the teeth and help inresisting the activity of bacteria’s in mouth. Excess of fluoride can cause flourosis thatresult in white and brown spots on teeth.h)
General health and well being help a person in maintaining the good oral health andprevent the occurrence of illness in mouth (Shen, Wildman and Steele, 2013).i)These conditions causes changes in lining of mouth that effect the salivary glands whichresult in severe infection, mouth sores and tooth decay.j)During the treatment of seizure the anti seizure drugs can cause infections and xerostomia.k)There are some patients having medical history of some diseases like diabetes, thyroid,HIV, iron deficiency that posses effect on the oral healthy and may lead to dry mouth.l)Oral piercing in some cases may lead to permanent numbness of tongue dur o damage ofnerves present in nerves and can also effect the taste buds (Anderson, Noar and Rogers,2013).m)This information help person to maintain bright white teeth along with reduction of riskrelated to loss of teeth and dental problems.n)Bacteria get shelter by residing themselves in the dental calculus and may result in irritatingand damaged gums.o)These psychological problems related to fear of dentures may lead to dental phobia andresult in various oral health problems such as bad breathe and cavities.p)Saliva plays an important role in prevention of oral infection but its reduction may result inoral problems such as xerostomia.q)Smoking causes severe damages to the mouth which includes: gum disease, tooth loss, toothstaining and mouth cancer (Anderson, Noar and Rogers, 2013).r)Due to prevalence of many social and cultural determinants oral health is effected andresults in many diseases.s)Susceptible tooth surfaces results in the decay of the teeth.
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