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HLTWHS001 Participate in Workplace Health and Safety Assignment

Added on - 16 Mar 2020

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HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safetyAssignment Version 1.3 (2017/08/23)HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safetyNameClick here to enter text.Email addressClick here to enter text.Assessment© 2017 Australian Institute of Personal Trainers Pty Ltd and its licensors (AIPT) Commonwealth of Australia CopyrightRegulations 1969Warning -This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of AIPT, pursuant to Part VBof the Copyright Act 1968 (the Act).The material in this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act. Any further reproduction orcommunication of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protection under the Act.All rights are reserved and you must obtain the prior written permission of AIPT for the republication or redistributionof any content. Do not remove this notice.AssignmentAssignments may include short answer questions or longer answer questions and are designed totest how you apply your knowledge into a real-world situation. Your assessor is looking for howyou apply your knowledge and how you think critically about the topic area. An important aspectof Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) understands how it applies to your specific workplace andthe roles of workers there. All responses should be at least between 50 and 100 words (4-8sentences) in length.Task 1The following questions must be answered within the context of your current workplace or theworkplace you intend to work within in your chosen industry. Anytime “your workplace” or “yourrole” is referenced, it is to be contextualised to working within your current workplace or yourintended workplace.Question 1.1Take some time to think about safe work and how it relates to your workplace and your rolewithin the industry. Outline steps that you could take to ensure your own health and safetywithin your job role.In any work place, safety of employees is very essential in ensuring conducive environment ofworkers in doing their different jobs. For instance as a machine operator in an industry, I willensure that I wear given costumes such as overall to ensure no harm or injury1. Also, I willensure I follow instructions and guidelines given in handling my job as well as using theequipment and machines properly. In addition will keep good relation with my co-workers and1Smallwood, John, and Theo Haupt. "The need for construction health and safety (H&S) and theConstruction Regulations: engineers' perceptions." Journal of the South African Institution of CivilEngineering= Joernaal van die Suid-Afrikaanse Instituut van Siviele Ingenieurswese 47, no. 2(2005): 2-8.1
HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safetyAssignment Version 1.3 (2017/08/23)employer in perfection of my duties.Question 1.2Outline the processes or activities that can be undertaken to ensure that the general public orclients are not exposed to hazards or risks within your workplace.Identify at least three.Outline how they are performed.Outline why they are important.Design, effective ventilation and alterations of tools are examples of processes or activities thatare supposed to be undertaken to ensure clients and general public are protected fromhazardous and injury. For instance, design process should be conducted basing the environmentof the workplace and the structures. Effective ventilation also should be done through generalexhaust ventilation systems. Also, alterations of machines and equipment by implementation ofnew technology. The three processes are important as they ensure that the workers andgeneral public’s health is maintained and improved.Question 1.3Name four workplace hazards relevant to your work role and controls that can be put into placefor each hazard.1.occupational violence2.falls3. heat, scalds and burns.4.harassmentsQuestion 1.4List at least five ways in which information on safe work practices and procedures can beshared with members of a work group.Identify which you think are the most effective, and explain why.Ways in which information on safe wok practices can be shared among the employees includes;conducting meetings, consultation, discussions with one another and managers as well asreading communications sheets on noticeboards. The most effective methods are conductingmeetings and reading communication sheets on the noticeboards since they draw workersattention. Also, they are effective and easiest ways of conveying information concerning safetyin a clear and simple manner.Question 1.5Summarise in your own words why it is important for the WHS practices of less experiencedworkers to be checked by more experienced workers.How can you contribute to the development and implementation of safe workplace policiesand procedures when undertaking your own work?2
HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safetyAssignment Version 1.3 (2017/08/23)It is important for WHS practices of less experienced workers to be checked by moreexperienced workers since it enhances confidence of these workers in doing their jobs. Also, ithelps them to learn easily how they are supposed to handle their works since they are beingcoached by the experienced workmates2. Following instructions and requirements in my job willcontribute to implementation and development of safe workplace procedure hence result toimprovement in the job performance.Question 1.6Reflect on your own levels of stress and fatigue. Identify what methods of control you canundertake to reduce or eliminate these hazardsat the workplace for yourself and others.Employing good sleeping habits, sharing and consultation with workmates and goodmanagement are some of the methods of control that can be undertaken to do away withfatigue and stress in workplace3. Also, maintaining good relation with co-workers can reducethe stress and fatigue within the working environment.Question 1.7Emergencies can happen at any time.Explain in five steps the procedure for an emergency situation in your or a simulatedworkplace.Explain proactive measures that could be undertaken to avoid emergency situations.The procedure for emergency situation in a workplace includes;Step 1: Effective responses to an emergency such as provision of evacuation ways andprocedures as one of the quicker method of handling any emergency in a workplace.Step 2: Identifying or calling first aid officers or those people who hold responsibility to comeover and control the situation at hand to avoid further damage.Step 3: Notification of emergency services such as fire extinguishers in case of fire as earlier aspossible so as to reduce the damages.Step 4: Assistance and medical treatment to release the pain of those injured and ensure thatthey are in good health.Step 5: effective communication among the emergency coordinators and the rest of theworkers in order to keep them aware and safe in case of any injury or fire blockage in aworkplace.Proactive measures to avoid emergencies in a workplace are; being alert in that you are fresh towork with a good mind. Also, avoiding rushing doing your work is important as one needs to2Lèfstedt, Ragnar. Reclaiming health and safety for all: An independent review of health andsafety legislation. Vol. 8219. The Stationery Office, 2011.3Anderson, C., R. R. Grunstein, and S. M. W. Rajaratnam. "Hours of work and rest in the railindustry." Internal medicine journal 43, no. 6 (2013): 717-721.3
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