Homework Review Incorporate Citations

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Homework ReviewIncorporate citations as well.1. Interpolation is a method to create estimates at unsampled locations. Is thisstatement true or false?, modeling, gridding, estimation, and prediction2. You’ve been asked to map baseball fields in Boston. The person asking you to dothe work sent you an email with the following attachment: bball_fields.shp. Can youcreate the map she is asking for? If yes, what are the steps you would need to take? Ifnot, explain why not. [1-2 paragraphs] Yes,3. Regarding a "reference datum", which of the following are true?Any datum, plane, orsurface from which other quantities are measureda. is not a part of a shapefile's projectionb. needs to be known to change a projectionc. is a consideration when overlaying a street layer (shapefile) and an elevationmodel (raster)d. a and be. b and c4. If the objective of a study in a small township is to measure the distances frompatient homes to the nearest clinic, what projection method is the most appropriate.Why? [1 paragraph]5. If I gave you have a polygon file of zip codes for all of Boston, a point file ofcemeteries for all of Illinois, and a polygon file of the boundary of the City of Boston,how would you find the total number of cemeteries in Boston using a GIS? (explain thesteps, briefly, that you would use to do this in ArcGIS.) [2 paragraphs]6. Can I use the Statistics function in ArcGIS to find the median of a dataset? Is thereanother way in ArcGIS to find the median of a dataset? [1 paragraph]7. If I were to give you a GIS file with the following fields (variables), could you displaythis file as a polygon in ArcGIS? Why or why not? The fields are:XYArsenic_ppmElevationCounty_name8. What does GIS stand for?a. geologic inversion statusBoston
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