Managing the Hotel Guest Experience


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HOSP 1015 – Managing the Hotel Guest ExperienceProjectYou will be the hypothetical owner of a 200-room hotel. As an owner, you will make several decisions, and will present several parts of your operating plan. The details on these requirements are presented below. (FULL-SERVICE)Week 7: Classification, Brand, Location, ADR and Average Wage RateYou will make the following decisions about your hotel, and present these in a paper. Format instructions for your paper are at the end of this project document.1.Classification: Will you be an economy hotel, a limited service hotel, a full service hotel, or a luxury hotel? Whatever you choose to be, you need to describe your hotel, the services you will offer, and WHY you chose this.2.Brand: You will select an appropriate brand for your hotel, and describe specifically why you chose that brand.3.Management: Will you select the Brand to manage your hotel, or an independent management company? Why will you make that decision?4.Location: Where will your hotel be located? A specific city and state, and an address within this area (Google maps satellite view comes in really handy for this). Why did you choose to locate here?5.Average Daily Rate: You will research the average room rates for similar hotels in the area you select (using Kayak, Expedia, and others). You need to look at at least four seasonal dates and create an average rate for your hotel.6.Average Wage Rate: You will need to determine what the minimum wage is for your market (mimimumwage.com). You will use this information later as you build schedules and other financial data.NOTE: When using the Excel spreadsheet for parts of your assignment, you will need to insert the relevant parts of the spreadsheet into your Word document by copy/paste function.
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FORMAT Requirements (for ALL Sections of the Project)Your paper must meet the following requirements. These are designed to allow you to submit a professional quality paper.1.Each paper must have a title page (sample below).2.Margins must be 1.5 inches on the top and bottom and 1 inch on each side.3.Each page must be numbered at the bottom of the page, centered, in the footer section of the page (Use Word Footer functionality). The Title Page is not numbered.4.Paper must be double spaced, with each paragraph beginning indented.5.There must be no spelling and no grammatical errors.6.The tone of the paper must be professional. 7.Each paper must be submitted through Turnitin using the Turnitin link in the course as instructed by your professor. 8.When using the Excel spreadsheet for parts of your assignment, you will need to insert the relevant parts of the spreadsheet into your Word document by copy/paste function. Essential Elements:Each section of your paper must be logically organized, based on the assigned items. It should be easy to read, and move sequentially through the content you are presenting. The “why” of your decisions is as important as the “what”. You must be able to describeand defend the reason/thought process you used to arrive at your decision. There is not necessarily a “right answer” to many of these points. Your performance on the paper will be based not so much on what you chose, but WHY you chose it. Was your choice logical and based on the facts available? Was your choice based on creatinga competitive advantage? For example, if you are presenting the location of your hotel. Why did you locate your hotel there? What are the advantages to this location and what will you do to maximizethese? Are there any disadvantages and if so, what could you do to minimize them. It is important that you use any information that has been presented in the class to date, along with your knowledge. Under no circumstances are you to use the term “as stated before” or “as stated above”, and then repeat what you said earlier. This is both annoying an unprofessional.Use professional terms, not slang. Assume you are writing this note to your investors orto your boss.
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Title Page Example:Johnson and Wales UniversityTitle of PaperSubtitle of Paper (if any)Your nameSubmitted in partial fulfillment of:Course Number, Course NameProfessor’s NameDate Submitted
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