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HOSP 2011 Online –1. Second-Tier CitiesFind the website of a Convention and Visitors Bureau of a second-tier city. Answer the questions below.A.What is the name of the city? Include the link to the website.B.How easy/difficult is it for meeting planners to navigate the site in search of information aboutmeetings? Explain and provide some examples.2. Third-Party Meeting PlannersCheck out the website of third-party meeting planning company HelmsBriscoe you were a meeting planner, what are some reasons you might use this company to plan yourmeeting for you? Use your own words.B.If you were a sales person for an independent hotel or resort, how could HelmsBriscoe help youreach and serve clients? Summarize and use your own words.3. Check-in/Check-outDescribe, in your own words, ways that hotels can insure trouble-free room check-in and check-out forgroups.4. Booking outside the blockWhat problems are caused when meeting attendees bypass the group’s housing system and bookoutside the block?5. Market SegmentsCompare the Association market with the corporate market. Type an “X” in the box that fits eachcharacteristic in the chart below. Only choose Association or Corporation for each.
Characteristic/NeedsAssociationCorporationLonger lead-timeShorter duration of meetingsMore predictable time cycle/patternMandatory attendanceGeographic restrictions6. Write a group resumeGreenway Tours has booked a stop at your hotel on its Spring Garden Tour through your region, which iswell-known for its beautiful blossoming trees and the botanical garden in the city. Your meeting plannerfrom Greenway is Bob Johnson, but Bob will not be accompanying the group. The tour escort is PatriciaClark.Bob negotiated a per-night room rate of $139 at your hotel, for all room types. He also negotiated a dealof one comp room per 40 rooms occupied. Other details are below.82 guests, all in double rooms. About half want King rooms, and half want Double/Doublerooms. Some are married couples, and some are just traveling with friends. Age range is 40 to70.1 single room for PatriciaGroup arrives in two buses on Friday, April 24 at about 4:00pm. Buses will need parking.Pre-registration requiredLuggage handling required. Bell staff to deliver guests’ bags to their rooms, and pick up ondeparture day. $5 per person round trip, charged to master. Bell staff not allowed to acceptadditional tips.Group departs Sunday, April 26 at 9:00am.They will be out on tours on Saturday from 9:00am until 9:00pm.Group dinner in a private room Friday night at 6:30pm.Group breakfast in a private room on Saturday and Sunday at 7:00am.All room and tax charges go to the master account. Banquet charges on the master account.Guests are on their own for incidentals.Your assignment: using the hotel or resort you have chosen for your project as the host hotel, and usingthe resume blank that starts on the next page, write the group resume for the Greenway Tours group.(The blank is set up as a table; just click in each box and type.)Grand Sierra Resort
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