Assignment on Hospital Security System

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Running head: HOSPITAL SECURITY SYSTEMPHYSICAL SECURITYName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
HOSPITAL SECURITY SYSTEM1Security is a major concern nowadays for any institute, starting from schools andhospitals to different public places. Healthcare system should always be alert about the safetyprotocol and compliance of it with the patient security (International Association of PrivacyProfessionals, 2018). This assignment will discuss the level of security, hospital requiresnowadays.Apart from the ethical challenges and responsibility of keeping the patients safe withinthe system, hospital authorities have to keep detailed track of the expensive medications, costlyequipment and potentially harmful drugs. These are under constant threat as commonopportunism and theft threats are always there. Therefore, the hospitals should incorporate high-tech surveillance system in each important departments. Further, the unauthorized entry to roomsthat are critical such as emergency wards, ICCU (Intensive Cardiac Care Unit) wards, operationtheatres, medication chambers, diagnostic rooms with equipment and patient record room shouldprevented (Fennelly, 2016). Usage of biometrics and eye retina scanner should be used to securesuch areas. Further, in large hospitals having complex requirements, implementation of systemcontrol and security protocols should be done. Visitors should be provided with tags or passes sothat each entry and exit can be monitored. Hospitals should be aware of internal crime threatsand to stop that the hospital authority should amend its recruitment policy and should includecrime verification, drug testing and report from previous employer to limit the access ofunauthorized staff (ISC)², 2018).It is very challenging to create a secure environment for hospital as balancingmanagement, planning, technology and designing departments for any institute requires extreme
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