Hospitality Management Assessment Answer

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Unit Code:Assessment Task Number: EAssessment Title:Assessment Task Number: ETask 1: General informationQuestion and answer:Q1:What type of hospitality business is your workplace?Ans:My workplace is a restaurant.Q2:What is your job role?Ans:I work as a waitress in the restaurant.Q3:List the responsibilities of your job role.Ans:-To provide both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and food to the customers.-To deliver period of services from 6am breakfast to 3am drinks at the nightclub.-To cope up with the workplace environment and diversified range of the hospitalitybusiness of the restaurantQ4:List the products, services, menus, customer programs (e.g., loyalty programs ormemberships), promotions or events currently available in your workplace.Ans:Ours is an Indian restaurant, providing bar facilities. Food options here are fast foodsand Chinese. Our restaurant provides yearly membership for loyal customers andloyalty bonus points for customers visiting our restaurant for six consecutive weeksand has special discount options for them.Q5:List at least threeother job roles within your work area or team. List at least two keyresponsibilities for each job role. If you are unsure, ask a person currently in the roleor your supervisor.Ans:Job role: ReceptionistKey responsibilities:Student Number:Student Name:
Unit Code:Assessment Task Number: EAssessment Title:oTo note all the details related to arrival, requests, table numbers, types ofarrivals whether in-group or with family.oCollect and generate billing amount and take note of customer complains ifany.Job role: ChefKey responsibilities:oTo meet the customer requirements and to deliver fresh and tasty foods.oTo arrange special new dishes in occasions and chefs special menus forpremium customers.Job role: SupervisorKey responsibilities:oTo look after customers, take their orders, notify customers about menuchanges, availability status of any special items, suggesting customers to tryany new dishes.oLooking after any discrepancy caused in the restaurant regarding billpayments, behavior of any customers.Task 2: Prepare for serviceQuestion and answerQ1:What information do you need to find out before you can start preparing for service?Ans:Before preparing for the day’s service certain lists needs to be checked. I need to checkthe pantry area, look after last day’s stocks, rinse the coffee machine, co-ordinate withthe other waiters and prepare service requirements efficiently.Q2:How or where do you find the information? Name the documents, reports, personnel orother sources you refer to.Student Number:Student Name:
Unit Code:Assessment Task Number: EAssessment Title:Ans: The information is gathered from the service scheduled developed every day whichkeeps record of the productivity of every worker in the restaurant.Q3:What factors influence how you sequence and prioritise your preparation tasks?Ans:Factors such as customer satisfaction, good work reviews and monthly incentivesmotivate and influence my task priorities.Q4:When are work schedules developed in your workplaceAns:Working schedules for every employee in the organization are prepared in thebeginning for the week.Q5:Why do you or your workplace develop a work schedule for a shift or work area orservice period?Ans: A work schedule is developed in my work are for the proper allocation of services bythe employees of the restaurant.Q6:Describe service and organisational information you discuss and confirm with the teamwhen planning service requirements.Ans:I work as a waitress in a restaurant. The hospitality we serve to our customers expectsto meet their satisfaction level. Before starting off with the service me co-ordinate withmy colleagues, report to my supervisor, check for any pending tasks, set up the workingstructures, the lights and allocate the junior waitress some tasks of their capability(Boltand Lashley 2015).I also check the dish and glass washers, the bar stocks, the hot waterand the napkin stocks.Student Number:Student Name:
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