Hospitality Operations Management- Assignment

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Hospitality OperationsManagement
INTRODUCTIONHospitality industry is a wide category of sector within service industry which consist ofevent planning, lodging, transportation, theme parks, travelling, cruise line and other areas withintourism industry.The chosen Charlotte Street Hotel provides an excellent quality hotel operationmanagement service. Constructed on a cultural of empowerment, the hotel operates all importantfunctions within the industry such as; housekeeping, front desk, maintenance and food & drinks.The following report will cover nature of the products offered by this hotel, factors that affectdemand within hospitality operations. Apart from this, it will also demonstrate factors affectingaverage spending power,the key stages in product and servicedevelopment applied within ahospitality operation. Further, it will coverfeatures which contribute towards thecustomers’perception of products andthe opportunities and constraints affectingproduct. Additionally, itwillevaluate different merchandising opportunities,and methods of pricing.Also, it will presentthe factors which affect revenue generation and profitability of the hotel along with merits anddemerits of qualitative and quantitative appraisal techniques.TASK 1 – REPORTAC1.1: Analyse the nature of hospitality product and service areasThe Charlotte Street Hotel is considered as a luxury 5-starhotel which is situated inLondon. Furthermore, it is a type of modern boutique hotel furnished with contemporary art anda Botero sculpture. Also, it servesOscar Restaurant and has bar service availablealong withBritish cuisine on the ground floor. The hotel’s bar facility opens onto the local street duringsummers. There are 2 open plan & spacious drawing rooms on the ground floor & a screeningroom with 67 Ferrari leather seats that shows films in the evening. It also provides two meetingrooms, a fitness room, a library, on the lower ground floor (Xu and Gursoy, 2015).Here is discussed some basic nature of hospitality services and products discussed as below:Intangible:Intangible service are those services which cannot be touch by customerswhich means that they can only feel that service. Core hospitality services of OscarRestaurant & Bar is intangible in nature. For example: room services, lounge services etc.On the other hand, tangible products refer to those which can be feel by touching it.Perishable:Perishable services are those services that are not permanent or won't last forlonger. For example, services of allocation of resources to give service in a given time1
period. After that, that service is vanishes when customer receives it. Room amenitiesofOscar Restaurant & Bar contains all 52 individually decorated rooms provided with iPoddocks, free internet, flat screen TVs etc.AC1.2: Evaluate the different influences affecting patterns of demand within hospitalityoperationsThe management of the hotel: - It has been determined that the style of the managementand structure of the organisations plays a key role in affecting demand for services. Whenthe management of Charlotte Street is aware of the ethics of the business then there willbe better services (Chathoth, Ungson and Okumus, 2014).Types of facilities available: - The demand within the hospitality industry is also affectedby the nature of the services or facilities that are made available by them. As, Charlottehas bar facilities then it will experience higher demand than others.Seasonality: -It has been discovered that the industry of hotels is characterised byseasonality that plays a key role in determining customer’s behaviour. Further, seasonsare sub divided as green, low, and high with each related with different demands.Therefore, it is essential for Charlotte to understand the seasonality of the regions.There are numerous other factors as well that influence the pattern of demands such asinfluence of ethics and economic factors, culture, healthy livings, culture, time of day etc. ThatCharlotte Hotel considers as well.AC1.3: Compare customer profiles and their differing expectationsHospitality industry is linked with customer satisfaction because the industry creates andprovides guest satisfaction. To understand the expectations of the customers for Charlotte Hotel,they need to think from customer’s point of view.AttentionEfficient serviceFriendly natureEssential courtesiesTo be listened toAlso, the customers get satisfied only when the products offered by the hotel are of goodquality, quantity, price and presentation (Company, Egorova and Vázquez, 2016). The services2
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