Hospitality Operations Management : Case Study

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Hospitality OperationsManagement
INTRODUCTIONHospitality industry deals with provided different services to customer such as lodging andtravelling. It is important that customer satisfaction level is kept high so that demand can beincreased and hence economic conditions can also be improved (Ruetzler and et. al., 2014).Operation management department is responsible for ensuring that all the activities of anenterprise are carried out in an efficient manner so that maximum returns are achieved. Qualityneeds to be ensured so that the competitive advantage is achieved. The present report is based oncase study of “Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara“.in which it will be discussed thathow the referred brand is carrying out its daily operations and is marinating its existence incompetitive hospitality sector.MAIN BODY1. What is effectiveness and what does the case say about what the hotel is effective at doing?Effectiveness is nothing but the degree of with which a work or task is being conducted.This finally helps in improving the level of performance of businesses. Human attempt to chooseto improve resource ad plan activities in regard of attempting determined operations in moresignificant manner. In regard of this, output, outcome and events effect is determines andcontrolled by organisation for accomplishing the objectives efficiently. A set process isundertaken along with determining outcomes, capabilities and objectives that assist in businessgrowth and cross selling services and products etc. Goal of management is the monitor eventswhich helps in determined outcome that are attained for success and process of organisation.This is assisting for setting and attaining goals and targets set by the Penang Mautiara as thecompany is facing numerous consequences.1
According to case study, Penang Mautiara comes under one of luxurious hotels across thearea of South – East Asia (Lugosi, 2014). This has been observed that very few enterprises areable to compete with it. The cited hotel comprises of around 440 rooms which is lactated atabundant greenery of Indian Ocean coast of Malaysia. This has been owned by Pemas – OUE ofmentioned location but are being effectively managed by Singapore Mandarin global Hotels.Various effective services that is being offered by mentioned hotel are listed below :Penang Mutiara is attempting to foresee requirements of their potential guests in anumerous of ways. Members present at reception are offering relevant informations to their consumers andtaking them to their rooms directly so that they do not feel irritating. This also saves a lotof time of them as well as team members. The above discussed factors shows that the refereed enterprise is effective enough incarrying out its distinct operations and hence is capable of achieving higher returns in the longrun. 2. What is efficiency, how worth is it for this firmand what instances ofmeasurement andimprovement are given?Efficiency can be simply defined as a level of execution that explains a procedure that isusing the minimum sum of inputs for generating maximum amount of outcomes. This is verymuch worthy for the given hotel as they need to focus on this area in order to earn large amount2Illustration 1: Process managementSource 1: Process management, 2018

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