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Hospitality provision in travel andtourism1
INTRODUCTIONTravel and tourism is the largest service industry worldwide in terms of earning grossrevenues. Hospitality is seen to be an importantelement of travel and tourism sector. This industryincludes businesses that deal in providing accommodation to tourists and travellers at the time ofvisiting various destinations. For satisfying theaccommodation andcatering needs of visitors,tourism industry depends totally on the hospitality sector. Here,hospitality provision includesvarious rules as well as regulation that support the operational performance of travel and tourismindustry. However, provisions of hospitality are mainly focused towards offering betteraccommodation services as well asfood and beverages (Charles, 2007). With the help ofhospitality provisions, growth in travel and tourism sector can be attained. The present reportexplainsthe interrelationship between hospitality and wider travel and tourism businesses.Therefore, two leading hospitality organizations are selected namely Hilton Hotel and Marriottinternational hotel. Furthermore, implications of such integration to the hospitality industry and itseffects on hospitality business are also described. Relationshipsbetween travel, tourism andhospitality is going to be described in this unit while defining the role of integration withinhospitality business. At last a plan forhospitality business is designed along with operationalrequirements and human resource allocation.TASK 1P 1.1 Interrelationships between hospitality and wider travel and tourismbusinesses 1000Composition of the hospitality industry:Hospitality is a crucial service provider in travels and tourism industry in terms ofproviding accommodation to people and satisfying their needs related to food and beverages. Thementioned industry is a composite of various hotels (1 star to 5 star, budget hotels, bed andbreakfast) as well as restaurants including fast food, cafes, coffee shops, mainstream, fine dining,pubs and bars (Najeeb, 2013). It also includes nightclubs, contract food service providersmembership clubs; as so on.Hotels provides accommodation services to the tourist when they are arrived at the finaldestination. There are two major hotels in United Kingdom i.e Hilton Hotel and Marriott2
International that provide better quality of accommodation services to the customers as well asvisitors. Hotel rating from 1-5 star depends on different factors such as quality, scale, number ofcomforts and services. In relation to the tourism industry, accommodation is considered as afundamental factor at the time of designing package holidays. Further, accommodation servicesare planned to be provided as per the preference of tourists as well as their budget.Identification of the best restaurant is based on various factors including menu, music,ambience and price. Restaurants cater different requirements of visitors as it is an integral part oftourist’s holiday (Hadjikhani, 2005). Experience provided by restaurant decides the frequency ofguest for coming days. Management of restaurant provides financial security to tourists. Forexample: McDonalds is the famous restaurant in United Kingdom which provides better servicesto the clients. Tourists prefer to visit restaurants that are recommended by the staff of their hotel,from locals, or Trip advisers.Cafes are specialise in offering hot beverages like as teas and coffees. At present, cafes arealso providing variety of snacks and fast food. As per an illustration, McDonald's has its ownMcCafe which is recommended by trip advisor to their clients (Barron, 2008). Adding to this,caterers of hospitality industry are being provided great importance for major events includingconferences, parties and exhibitions as the organizers are fully devoted to provide unforgettableand unparalleled experience to the clients. Tourists are now a days, focusing towards the eventhalls that keep better balance between the quality and price.Travel and tourism sector:Travel and tourism sector mostly focuses on designing holiday packages for the visitorswhich include services such as accommodation, food and beverages as well as transportation (Im,2014). For example:Thomas Cook is a leading travel and tour operator in UK which deals inproviding services such asair transport, tour packages, etc. Scope of travel and tourism is wide inthe business context as it leads to design tour packages as per the customer’s needs.Conferences and events:The tour packages for corporates and designed at major locationand preferences of customers to conduct conferences and events (Manente and Montaguti, 2006).All the services related to travel and tourism industry are included to select a better place forcorporate events.3
Visitor attractions:Travel and tour industry arranges holiday packages with thedestination that is liked mostly by the clients. Most of the areas of visitor’s attraction areincludedin the travel and tourism services(Mamaghani, 2009).The trip advisor focus on cleanlinessfeature for deciding accommodation place as well as the location, rooms, sleep quality and valuefor money is also being considered.Passenger transport: Passenger transport is one of the major services included in traveland tourism business in which passengers are transported to the desired location where additionservices related to hospitality industry are also provided(Hjalager, 2010).Now a days, people areseen travelling to various places for the purpose of business or personal or entertainment.Interrelationships between hospitality and travel and tourismSuccess of travel and tourism industry depends on the interrelation in between tourism andhospitality sector. After reaching to the desired destination, first need of travellers is related toaccommodation as well as food and beverage(Ateljevic and Page, 2009). Main role ofhospitalitysector is that it is crucial for different types of travel and tourism businesses. Below points definethe link between hospitality as well as travel and tourism sector. These are as follows:Business travelBusiness people are often seen looking for the hotels which are equipped with thenecessary facilities so as they can work in a comfortable environment (Law, Leung and Wong,2004). The business organization specific search for the business centres attracted with Wifi orcable internet access meeting rooms and conference areas. However, due to the nature of businesstravel this is not always possible.Conferences and exhibitionsConferences and exhibitions are essential for national and international travel and tourismindustries. There are various internationals conferences held in UK itself whereby the role oftourism and hospitality is witnessed to a greatest level (Briedenhann and Wickens, 2004). Thetransportation and accommodation cost are witnessed where outside caterers are invited to preparefood for delegates.Within the exhibitions, the consumers are provided opportunities to view products orservices prior to purchasing them. For an example : International Tourism Bourse (ITB) aninternational exhibition aims at attracting exhibitors from other countries. Such kind of exhibitions4
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