Hospitality Provision in Travel & Tourism Sector: Assignment

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Hospitality Provision inTravel & TourismSector
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INTRODUCTIONHospitality refers to the relationship among a guest & a host, where as guest receives theservices. The main aim of this hospitality sector is to fulfil the desires of consumers by providingquality products and services. This sector has tremendous growth and all countries are emphasisto promote this so that more people can visit the country. Travel and Tourism sector hasemphasis to fulfil the expectations of tourist for their better experience. For the different tasks,there are different companies has been selected. There are following topics are covered in thisreport such as: interrelationship among hospitality & analyse the implications of integration tothe hospitality industry. Apart from this it develops a plan in context to the hospitality industrythat provide help to fulfil the need of operations within the business entity.TASK 11.1 Interrelationships between hospitality & wider travel and tourism businessesThe hospitality sector is one of the fast growing industry in the world and it emphasis toprovide the quality services in order to fulfil the expectations of consumers. The business isbased upon the culture of serving guests with warmth & care as a result guests feel safe &comfortable. As hospitality and travel & tourism industry are linked together and it go hand inhand. There are various services are offered by it such as: transportation, accommodation, food& beverage recreation & leisure (Nunkoo and Ramkissoon, 2013).Tourism is the activity whichby the tourists where they pursue in travelling to destinations and enjoys the services like food &beverage and accommodation. It is the supplier of the service for tourism and it focuses toprovide a safe & healthy environment to the consumers. Tourism denotes as a travel by a personfor recreational or business motive in-context to a particular time. It is divided into smallbusiness sectors that is catered by hospitality industry. As an instance, if the individuals want totake a holiday trip and for that purpose they have to travel by the aeroplane and this servicecomes under the hospitality.Persons have to stay in a hotel and hotels comes under the hospitality sector. Theindividuals go for recreational activeness and the facilities provided by operator are comes underhospitality. So it has been said that there is interrelation among the travel & tourism business andhospitality (Mok and Kadampully, 2013).The role of hospitality in underpinning many types oftravel and tourism that is business travel, aviation, conferences & exhibitions, visitor attractions,1
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