Hospitality Provisions in Travel and Tourism Sector Assignment

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HospitalityProvisions in Traveland Tourism-Sector
INTRODUCTIONIn the today's competitive marketplace, Hospitality industry has turned out to be oneof the leading service industry across the globe, contributing in the development and growthof economy of a country. Moreover, due to availability of wide range of leisure andrecreational services, the interest of people has developed in tourism also. The travel andtourism sector is directly linked with hospitality sector and providing ample of opportunitiesto other emerging services industries such as IT sector, event management, lodging,transportation, restaurants and etc., in order to fulfil the demands and needs of customers.With the mentioned services, the growth of travel and tourism has been increasing with swiftpace and becoming biggest sources of employment. The present unit introduces the diversityin hospitality industries along with the relationship between both tourism as well as inhospitality sector (Aragon-Correa and et. al., 2015). This report also provides brief overviewof sustainability and growth in hospitality and tourism industry, along with the implicationsof integration to this industry, inclusive development of hospitality-based project. Thus, withthe reference of the Hotel Marriott International Inc. a multinational hospitality company andfranchised broad spectrum portfolio of hotels and other lodging facilities.TASK 11.1 Interrelationships between wider travel and tourism businesses and hospitality industriesThe tourism and hospitality sector is one of the world's largest service sectors, whichare generating high revenues and contributing their significant portion in the economicgrowth. The hospitality industry comprises of broad range of field, including event planning,catering, lodging, transportation, theme parks, accommodation establishments, restaurants,night clubs and many more premium services (Atalay and, 2014). This industry isparticularly focused to render satisfactory and lavish services to customers, in accordance totheir preferences and demands. There are numerous hospitality organisations are operatingthe London, the UK providing luxurious services to travellers, who have come from overseas.In addition to this, It has also been observed that with the increase in tourism, the demand ofhospitality industries are also increasing (Bharwani and Butt, 2012). The hospitality sectorcater for leisure, tourism and travel, in order to provide recreational and leisure services topeople. As, with the increase in disposable income of people, more free time and demand forvisiting holiday destinations, the provision of hospitality industries in travel and tourismsector has increased to high extent. People travel to satisfy their soul, experience new cultureof various tourist destinations all across the world.
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