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Running head: HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MARKETHospitality and Tourism MarketName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MARKETIdentify and discuss the prime ethical and governing issues presented in the Vanuatu’sBroken Dream video:The video depicts that there is no change for the locals, toilets for the foreigners but notfor the local communities. As, they do not get the money from the ships this leads to theircontinuous problems regarding development. Though there is, a water system in the back part ofthe graveyard still no local communities are ought to use that because it is for the tourists.According to the local people the money that is made from the cruises are never utilized properlysince the beginning of the tours. It is many years that the ships visit the island still there is barelyany change in the life cycle of the locals. They conserve rainwater, no gas system for cooking,though some has generators but availability of fuel is a problem. The local wants improvement inthe public health system (, 2013).According to the locals, someone steals their money that is got from the ship, as theyhave no idea what goes outside the island. The main problem is that the islanders are facingdistrusted services with their money. The ferry system is very expensive for the islanders. Thehead of the tourist committee exploits the fact that there is no financial report about the moneyuntil 2012 until he became the head (Tabani, 2017). It is found out from the video that the wholeservices are corrupted. Port Villa is the place that is marked for keeping the records of themoney. It is known from the video that after the independence in 1980, 12 years past theindependence was good but things changed after that period (Parker, 2013). After that span, thelocals seemed not to trust the government and demanded their own administrations.Former prime minister offered water system to his favourite people and did not thinkabout the villagers. The government have always failed in keeping their commitments and that is
2HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MARKETwhy the locals no longer believe in the commitments of the governments. The locals believe thatVanuatu has turned to a big marketplace for the bidders. They want to develop their ownbusinesses, which will help them get to work together and make money. However, the videoclearly depicts that there is no change made after the independence for the rural people(, 2013).Did PO Cruises act ethically in this case?The P&O cruise did not seem to act ethically as per the video because they must havegiven some of the money to the islanders instead of having direct transactions with thegovernment. It is seen from the video that the islanders open the stalls at the arrival of thetourists and the rest of the time, they face a lot of hardship in their livelihood. Hence, if the cruisecould have worked properly then maybe there would have been an improvement in the lifestyleof the islanders. The cruise worked unethically because even after marking the problems theislanders face, they never took any initiative to bring some differences (, 2017).Carnival Australia owns the P&O cruise business and they manage all the trips of thecruises. Though the aim of sailing these cruises are, enhancing economic opportunities for thevisited islanders still Vanuatu have never faced the determined changes in their economiccondition even after the commitment and visit of so many years. Though the reports on the P&Ocruises depicts the fact that they are working with the communities for encouraging sustainableexperiences still the video does not imply the same fact. The local people do not think that theyhave been helped by the cruise at all, hence it can be said that in spite of the fact that the cruiseaims to help the islanders still there is barely any help from their side towards the islanders(, 2014).
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