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House on the mango streetHouse on a Mango TreeDiary Entry
House on the mango streetDate: Tuesday 3 April 2017Time: 8.00 amDear Diary,This is the story of my experience at the House on a Mango Street. My name is SandraCisneros.This story has relevance today because it brings outthe reality ofLatino immigrants living in theUS neighborhoods (Rodriguez &Puyal, 2012). It unveils a teenage experience and a questtoachievesuccess amidst obstacles. This diary demonstrates the role of neighborhoods andsocial community in shaping a person’s identity. It draws from personal experiences byidentifying common issues in society. In the details is a multicultural experience and exposure,which transforms an individual’s attitude through cultural elements. Characters in the bookinteract with reality in different events to describe how people are moving out while othersmoving into the neighborhood. In the story, poverty, family ties and gender roles play asignificant role in the neighborhood. This diary provides a discussion toenrich the adventures ofyoung people living across the Mango Tree. These are friends, family members, communitymembers and neighbors. This is a closely-knit society with every day drama.Perspective of NeighborhoodAs I interact with different personalities in the House on Mango Street, different themes comeinto effect. My name is Esperanza Cordero and I have lived here since the age of six. Havinginteracted with different personalities in my neighborhood my perspective of the street is that ithas all kinds of characters including the good and the bad (Cisneros, 2014, p. 23). This streetworries people who do not stay in the neighborhood but I like it. We pay no rent, we have friends
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