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Added on - 14 Jun 2021

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe purpose of this report is to demonstrate how devices can communicate with each other over anetwork. This report covers the routing and communication between devices on a small network setting.The report analyzez and shows how two routers can communicate with each other and sendinformation to devices on the network. In my report I decided to demonstrate the network by use oftwo routers and four end devices. That is two servers and two PCs. I assigned a private IP address to allthe devices in the network and after that I configured the interfaces on the routers. After I configuredthe routing between the two routers so that all the devices in the network can send packets to eachother.In my report also, I demonstrated how a DHCP server can be configured and how devices can acquire IPaddresses through the DHCP server. I also configured a web server so that a client machine can accessthe service on the network. Through configuration of the web server the client machine can access theweb service regardless of anywhere he is but should be connected to the same network. The followingreport will show the results that I got in details
NETWORK TOPOLOGY AND CONFIGURATIONSThe above diagram illustrates the topology that I used to configure the network. As you can see I usedtwo routers and four end points i.e. two pcs and two servers. I decided to use the private IP address ofrange PC1 has an IP of while PC2 has an IP of two routers are connected via a serial cable. The network address between the two routers is192.168.50.0. Server1 has an IP of while server2 has an IP of After assigningall the devices an IP address I configured default gateways for the devices. The diagram below showsclearly the device, its IP address, its default gateway and the subnet maskDeviceIP addressDefault gatewaySubnet maskPC1192.168.1.2192.168.1.1255.255.255.0PC2192.168.0.2192.168.0.1255.255.255.0Server1192.168.30.2192.168.30.1255.255.255.0Server2192.168.20.2192.168.20.1255.255.255.0
Configuration of routing on the routers i.e. IP packet forwardingRouting refers to the process of selecting a path or a route for the network traffic. Therefore, it can besaid that it’s the process of establishing the route by which packets can pass from the source to thespecified destination.The figure above shows the route taken by packets from one end point device to another afterconfiguration of routing in the network. This route is shown after putting the command show IP route onthe routers. This is after configuration of routing between the two routers so that the PCs cancommunicate with the servers.To configure routing, we use the command “IP route <network address> <subnet mask> <next hopaddress>”.In my network I used the following command on router2 to route traffic to PC1. Since there are twonetwork addresses I route the packets for both the networksIP route route traffic to PC2 I usedIP route router one I used the following commands to route to server1 and server two since there are twonetwork addressesIP route route traffic to server2IP route
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