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INTRODUCTIONIn this modern era of corporate world, the role of management and operations aregetting much popularity. To conduct the functions of management effectively, managers andleaders are appointed in the organization. Leaders and mangers are very crucial to company.In this present report the role of leaders and managers are been discussed. Also, there is arelationship between leaders and managers in the context of HP food limited. HP food limitedis a company, engaged in the business of producing HP, Lea & Perrins and Daddies saucebrands. In this report it has also been mentioned that the company should use various types ofapproaches to management and also the roles of leaders and managers play in anorganization. In further, the operations management also has an importance in the companyto fulfil the societal expectations (He, Li and Chai, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., 2011).The management and operations is also very vital in achieving the objectives and goals ofcompany. The leaders and managers has a duty to organize the company’s operations in orderto fulfil the organizational needs and desires. The managers and leaders assures thatappropriate workforce has been employed in company in order to achieve the set objectivesof company.TASK 1a)Define and compare the roles and characteristics of a leader and manager.Managers and leader are considered as an important part of any business organization. Theyare responsible for carrying out the activities which are necessary for a business organizationin achieving the business goals and objectives. Managers are the key persons in anorganization which are employed to manage the activities of company (Chang and et. al.,2013). As, the managers and leaders are quite similar terms which are often used assynonyms sometimes. The role and managers and leaders are different in the context ofbusiness organization. They are responsible for the high performance of the company. Fromthe aspect of business of HP food limited, the role and mangers are different and contrastingwith each other. The role of managers and leader has been defined as follows:Role of manager:The manager of the HP food limited has a role to administer theproceedings of the company.Also, the manager in the cited company has a focus on systems andstructure of organization.Management is an art of systematic organizing and coordinatingactivities in an efficient and effective manner.
The managers are responsible to bring stability in organization.Role of a leader:The role of a leader in the cited company is t inspire its employees ofan organization to match up with the objectives and goals of acompany.Leader encourages the change in the company.The leader in the cited company formulates principles and guidelinesin the company for effective leadership.Also, the leader of the company adopts proactive strategies in thebusiness organization to achieve the goals of firm.So, the leaders and managers are different from each other in many ways, while the leader ofthe HP food limited (Wenying, Zhiguang and Jujie, 2012). The mangers has a short rangeview in business firm, on the other hand , leader is famous in an organization for having longrange perspective in the the end, it has also been assessed that the manager of thecompany is also classis good soldier, while leader of the company is a man of its ownprinciples.b) Role of leader and the function of manager applied in different context of an organizationIn the context of HP food limited there are many functions of leader and managersthat are applied in different situations. They are responsible for the smooth and effectiveoperations of business activities which enable the business organization to achieve theobjectives and goals of the company. the following are different area in which managers andleaders have to perform their functions with much effectiveness:Relationship with customers: the main function of managers of HPfood limited is to maintain a good relationship with its customers. Themain aim of HP food limited is to provide good food services alongwith the quality food products and services. It has been assessed that ifcustomers of the company are highly satisfied with the products andofferings f the company, then it will lead to increased profitability.Suppliers: suppliers are the persons which provide raw materials forethe company for the production of the HP, Lea Perrins and Daddiessauce brands. The manager and leaders f the company assures odrelationships with its suppliers so that they will provide them markable quality products.Planning: managers and leaders have a vital role in planning theeffective strategies and techniques by which employees can focus on the goals of thecompany and also to motivate them along with establishing the standards against which theirperformance can be measured. Also, plans for growth expansion of their food department canalso be considered as a function of manager and leader (Xu, 2014).Motivation of employees: leaders of the company are held responsiblefor the effective motivation to its team mates in an organization. Theleaders have a quality to perform this function effectively. There is afamous proverb also that says “leaders are born not made”. Managers
and leaders have a moral duty to motivate its employees which canincrease the organizational efficiency and also enable it to accomplishthe goals and objectives of the company.c)Theories and models of leadership in the aspect of an organization.There are many theories which are applied in the business organization to makeleadership theories more affective and attractive. The leaders of business firm adopts variousbusiness theories and approaches which can improve the leadership skills and provide moreeffective competencies for the business organization. The business of HP food limited isconcerned with the production of food products and sauces (Yegane and Shariatmadari,2016). The managers and leaders of the company always desires that there should be aneffective leadership theories and models through which they will be able to have a controlover its employees. The various effective leadership theories which are been adopted byleaders of HP food limited are as:Situational leadership: it is that form of leadership in which the leader of the businessorganization adapts the situation and apply its own business skills and capabilities.inthis, the leader of the cited company adjusts to fit its style according to thedevelopment level of the employees of the company. In this kind of leadership, theleaders of the cited company always aim to adapt that level that matches up to thedevelopment level of their employees.System leadership: it is that type of leadership in which the leaders are of the opinionthat there should be an effective leadership style for each and every kind system.itmeans that the leaders of the company focuses that there should be an effectivesystem in leadership which contributes in an overall growth of the company. Themain aim of the leaders in the cited company is to appropriate system in theircompany which can guide each department of the company systematically.Contingency leadership: this is that kind of leadership in which it has been mentionedthat effective leadership depends upon the control which the leader has over aparticular situation. In this, it has been assessed that there should be an effective andgood member and leader relationship which can enable leader of the company to meetout the objectives of company.d) Analysis the role of manager and leader.There are different functions and roles which has been performed by the leader andmanager of the company namely HP food limited. The following theories are mentionedwhich shows about the functions and roles of managers that are as follows:Modern trait theory: it is the theory which says that there are some leaders in the businessorganizations which adopts various leadership traits that are intelligence, adjustment,extroversion experience and general self-efficacy (Fichtner, Vanzella de Melo and Stefan,2016).The organizations are now focusing on the effective leadership in the company so that theiremployees can effectively work in the organization. Leaders use intelligence in theirleadership traits so as to motivate its employees which can let them in achieving their goalsand objectives of the company.
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