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Hospitality Industry of Malaysia: PDF

Added on - 01 Dec 2020

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TABLE OF CONTENTSNO.DETAILPAGE1.0Introduction12.0Background of the Business23.0Overview of the Business34.0Steps of Formatting the Business4 - 65.0The Authorized or Legal Body That Controls and Monitorsthe Business7 - 106.0The Law Provisions Govern Their Business Activities11 - 127.0Any Law Case or Legal Actions Taken by The Company orAgainst the Company13 – 148.0Challenge, Solution and Suggestion15- 179.0Conclusion1810.0Appendix19- 2111.0Bibliography22
ACKNOWLEDGMENTAlhamdulillah, first of all we would like to thank God as finally we were able to finish ourassignment that have been given by business law lecturer to us. This task had been done with allafford by group members even though a little bit problem were happened among us while doingthis assignment. Luckily, all the problems can be settled down and we were able to adapt properlyand wisely.Besides that, big thank we address to our lecture Ms. Hazwani because without her guide ourproject cannot be done properly like this. She always gives us supports and guide to us how to doour assignment. She also always teaches us and guide us to understand the things that we shouldknow while studying business law and also in producing good project workOn the other hand, big thank also to Mr. Sabri bin Yunos which is he is the owner of Husna NasiBerlauk because without him our assignment cannot be done. He accepted to be interviewed by usand give full commitment to answer our question.Finally, thank to our beloved friend that always stick together and also work hard to produce agood assignment with all afford and responsibility. Hope that all the afford will give a lot ofbenefits to us and also to our group assignment. Million thank also we wish to all our classmatebecause they also help us in doing our group. They always give us ideas and comments on ourproject so that we can improve our project in many ways.
11.0 INTRODUCTIONIn hospitality industry which provides these two distinct services that satisfy people needs that aresleep and eat. Thus, under the big umbrella of hospitality, there are two main sectors whichincluded lodging and food service.According to Dupre and Lane (1997), the commercialfoodservice operations can be further categorized as stand-alone restaurants, food service within alodging property and catering. Food service is a dominant segment of the hospitality industry thatrepresents a significant proportion of the economy. There a lot of food service type among of ittake away service. Take away orders are received either over the counter, driveway, telephone,website or mobile app. Payments are either made in advance via online payment or paid by cashat the time of order pickup.Husna Nasi Berlauk is a food service oriented take away service that located at PT641 TingkatBawah, Taman Kota SPP Warisan, Kg Berangan Hujung, 16200 Tumpat, Kelantan. The stalloperations in 2000 which began with take away service and then be a supplier to wholesaler. Thestall also practices, reflects and implements Islamic principles in the manufacture, provision,service of food services.ThevisitorstoKelantanwhoarelookingforvariousofKelantandish.Foryourinformation, this Husna Nasi Berlauk offers quality of taste and great service. From here, guestscan enjoy delicious food in Kelantan. With its location easy to find, which is it near to city the stallalso offer cash on delivery to their customer such as office worker that no time to go out to eat orfor those customers that lazy to go out and ordered by phone or others.Lastly, Husna Nasi Berlauk also supply their food to university such as University MalaysiaKelantan. At Husna Nasi Berlauk, every effort is made to their customer satisfied with their foodin term of taste. The services provided by Husna Nasi Berlauk make customer loyal to buy withthem. Top features of Husna Nasi Berlauk is they also use food rider like grab or food panda whichis whenever customers place an order, an efficient online ordering system sends notifications viaemail or SMS to help the restaurant staff make the order execution faster. On the other hand, suchsoftware is also equipped with GPS systems that help you capture the entire address that in turnensure timely and fast deliveries.
22.0 BACKGROUND OF THE BUSINESSHusna Nasi Berlauk is one of the famous brands in Kelantan, Malaysia. They offeredvarious of dishes of ‘nasi berlauk’ which is a common dish among kelantanese. ‘Nasi berlauk’ isone of the Kelantan dishes that mostly eaten as a breakfast such as nasi gulai ikan, nasi gulai ayam,nasi daging kerutub and many more offers. Husna Nasi Berlauk has started the business since 2000by Sabri Bin Dollah which is the owner of the business. After 20 years operations, Husna NasiBerlauk has grown and become a synonym brand around the Malaysia for its product. Husna NasiBerlauk is located in Tumpat, Kelantan and has expanded their business in Kuala Lumpur as well.They have agents to provide the product around Malaysia, so now all Malaysians can have ‘nasiberlauk’ even they not in Kelantan. They operated every day and have 15-20 employees to run thebusiness as a kitchen helper, and in food packaging section.The owner of Husna Nasi Berlauk is a 50 years old man named Sabri Bin Dollah. He is themanager of the company and in charge of managing and overseeing the entire process of thecompany’s operations. The reasons why he first started up the business because he wants to trysomething new out from his current job. Mr. Sabri was a bank manager for 11 years before hemade a decision to challenge his ability in managing his own business. He was determined tocontinue his family tradition in business by offering the food to the customers. The specialty ofHusna Nasi Berlauk because of its originality by bringing back the age-old traditions and recipesin producing the food.The start-up capital of Husna Nasi Berlauk comes from his own financial sources thatMr.Sabri save up from his previous job. Due to his determination, now he succeeded to generatethe company’s revenue around RM 50,000 in a month. The demand of the food has increase andthe brand of Husna Nasi Berlauk has become well known for its customers. Target customers ofthe business are for everyone either kids, adults or old folks. Husna Nasi Berlauk also has becomeone of the options and favourite dishes of students in University Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) itselfsince there are a few agents that covers on that area. The company are taking another step forwardin their efforts offering the best of their products, in order to maintain and create more customersin future. The mission of Husna Nasi Berlauk is want to growth and be recognized all overMalaysia with the best quality of products.
33.0OVERVIEW OF HUSNA NASI BERLAUKThe company of Husna Nasi Berlauk existed in 2000 with 20 years experiences ofoperations. This company has become one of the most popular brands in making the best ‘nasiberlauk’ in Malaysia. In order to maintain the quality of the foods and provide the best services forthe customers, Husna Nasi Berlauk has follow the accurate of rules and regulations set underhospitality laws in Malaysia. The company’s operation is legally registered withThe CompaniesCommission of Malaysia (SSM)which where a statutory body formed underan Act of Parliamentthat regulates corporate and business affairs in Malaysia. The Husna Nasi Berlauk also has anapproval in Department of Islamic Advancement of Malaysia (JAKIM) for the product’s Halalstandardization accordance to the Malaysian Halal Certification Scheme issued by the competentauthority. Then, the company apply the Malaysian Food Act 1983 where the implementation theproductsstandardonthefood safetyandqualitycontrol,including food standardsandfood hygiene are well prepared. The main goals of Husna Nasi Berlauk is to ensure the companycan gives the best quality in term of foods, services and also good environment to its customer inenjoying the taste of the dishes with full satisfaction.
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