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Correlation between interview scores and new hiring quality

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Added on  2019-10-18

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This article discusses the correlation between interview scores and new hiring quality, and how it impacts an organization. It also talks about employees' right to check applicants' backgrounds and the risks associated with using online sources. The article cites various studies and guidelines to support its arguments.
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HRM 6301Part 1I will be explaining my supervisor that the correlation between the interview scores and the newhiring quality or performance are just presenting the evidence of the new method of hiring that isbeing needed in the organization. Moreover, as these charts will be showing the performances of theemployees which will be ultimately showing that the superiority of the applicants is low, which willbe used by me as a tool to explain my supervisor about that the quality that is low. As showing thecorrelation between the interview scores and the new hiring quality or performance is explained bestby using the scatter plotting graph that is mainly used to describe the relation between the twovariables. (Burks, S. V,2015)I would be showing him the future perspectives of this as in the long path if this issue will not be fixedand will not be resolved then it will impact the organization to the large extent as the profits will getdecrease that will directly impact the shareholders as well as stakeholders due to which the goodwillwill be impacted, and the shareholders will not be happy in investing in that organization due tolowering down of the profits. (International Test Commission,2014)This all will be helping in explaining the supervisor and convincing about this as it is impacting anorganization to the large extent. (Nguyen, L. S.,2014)Part 2Yes, the employees have the right to check the backgrounds of the applicants on the basis of theirbackgrounds usually peoples are being judged. According to their backgrounds knowledge, only theorganization can use set the perspective about the employee's behavior and nature or will it be suitablefor their organizations.Nowadays people use to surf on the social media's and use to put their Bio data, pictures, or anythingrelated to them their life either personal or professional there all are obviously mentioned for thepeople to read so according to me there is not any issue in reading or checking their backgrounds. By
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