HRM Assignment- Job Satisfaction

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Work-Based Problem Solution
Probem 3:
Job Satisfaction: The workers at Paramount Travel Hotel Park Royal, London to
be satisfied with the overall work condition including the pay-offs, infrastructure
facilities, the shift timings, work environment, the mentors or leaders. They should
not be pressurised with the unrealistic targets(Mullis and, 2012.). They should
be rewarded for their best performance and benefited with the allowances like
medical allowance, educational allowance, travelling allowance etc. Employees who
are working for many years with the hotel are should be rewarded with the bonus
and and increment in their current position like promotion, improvement of pay
Paramount Travel Hotel in Park Royal, London has the several issues regarding
the poor management of the employees at the work place. There has been many
complaints against the hotel staff by the customers regarding the rude and
unhealthy behaviour at the night. There are several changes to be done
employees have to be well trained and get the discipline in their work and they
should be taught the way to communicate in the hotel with the customers and the
supporting staff (Opdenakker, 2006.). They should be punished for their
behaviour and it should be in consideration of their salary other wise a strict
action should be taken in against of them.
Probem 2:
Work Environment: The employees of Paramount Travel Hotel Park Royal,
London should be satisfied with the surrounding environment and the co-
workers. There should be managed timings according to their shifts and the
facilities provided to them. The rules and regulations are to me made to control
any conflict at the work place. The managerial head should give proper solution
in the matter to solve the conflict(Livingstone, 2015.). A quarterly refreshment
plans should be organised so it can be helpful in building the good relations
between the employees this is be like organising a office party, picnic and
celebration of birthdays or national events.
Problem 1:
Motivation: The workers at Paramount Travel Hotel Park Royal, London are
to be motivated for their work and they should be encouraged by their leaders, it
will increase their morale and helps in reducing the stress and burden and
generate the healthy competition. They should be known to the work duties and
responsibility which describes the importance of their work in the
hotel(Stenfors-Hayes and, 2010.). A motivated staff has the willingness of
work and they can perform favourably as according to the demanded
performance from the managerial heads.

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