Benefits of Performance Appraisal System and Redecorating Compensation Packages for Large Companies


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HRM DISCUSSION 2Part 1 Performance appraisal is one of the systematic approaches that is used for the purpose ofevaluation. As in the organization, employees are evaluated using this approach in the context oftheir potential being shown in the work. There are various measures on which the performancecan be measured such as job knowledge, quality and quantity of the work being done, leadershipand motivation qualities, supervision, coordination or cooperation and so on. (Naji, A.,Mansour,2015)So, consistent with many of the benefits, it is being advisable for the organizations to use thismethod and some of the benefits are as follows:It is one of the best ways to make certain aptitude according to the performance ofemployees.This method helps in providing the accurate incentive for the employee who is workingwell in an organization.( Anitha, J., & Saranya, S,2014)Performance appraisal method works as an indicator of motivation for both performingand nonperforming employees.This method is best for keeping the transparency between the employees, as more workwill lead to the higher pay or the higher incentive.It mainly helps in the evaluation of the employees that have the potential of increasingthe profits. As all the organizations are future-oriented with the perspective of earningprofits. (Idowu, A,2017)

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