HRM Strategic Human Resource Management Assignment

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Student’s Last Name1Strategic Human Resource ManagementBy (Name)CourseProfessorUniversityDate
Student’s Last Name2IntroductionStrategic human resource management refers to that act of employing and developingindividuals such that they become valuable to the firm (Martín Alcázar, Miguel RomeroFernández, and Sánchez Gardey, 2013, pp.46). It involves conducting an analysis on jobs,planning the needs of the personnel, hiring competent and skillful individuals for a task, trainingand developing the workers, controlling the wages and the salaries, ensuring that they availbenefits and incentives, conducting cross- evaluation on performance, solving disagreements, aswell as regularly coming into contact with employees from all levels.Understanding of Human Resource Management.Throughout the learning session, my understanding on the HRM has dramticallychanged. This has enabled me to deduce the changes that have occurred and still occurring in theHuman Resource Management has stipulated below (Marchington, Wilkinson, Donnelly, andKynighou, 2016, pp.341). The Huma Resource Management has changed adversely with keyfactors that are involved in the changes being; the diversity of the work-force, the changes intechnology and the economic changes, regarding globalization, the structure of the organization,and the nature of work which keeps changing. The environment in which businesses are beingconducted is changing, and the same applies to the setting of the Human Resource Management.
Student’s Last Name3Human resource management was considered to be more straightforward in the past sinceits work-force created a strong impression of being homogeneous. Currently, the HRMworkforce is made up of individuals who are of different sex, age, with separate social classes,different personal characteristics, tribes, marital status, and from different religions. Diversity inthe workforce is thus linked to the strategic direction of the organization. The difference hasenhanced creativity and improved on means of making even better decisions, thus boosting thecompetitiveness of the firm. With many women being incorporated in the workforce, this hasnecessitated preparations of flexible working schedules.The changes in the economy and technology have to a large extent altered employmentand the patterns of occupation. With changes in technology, the current organizations haveadapted the technology-driven slogan where men have taken the place of machines for examplein manufacturing technology where has resulted to automation and robotics (Paillé, Chen, Boiral,and Jin, 2014, pp.460). These advancements have curbed many jobs. Additionally, computersand the management information system have resulted in changes in nature which office workoperates.Globalization as well has raised the levels of competition in the business sectorinternationally. Firms that formerly competed locally today they need to have the ability tocompete with overseas firms. As a result of the following conditions, Human ResourceManagement is faced with a major challenge of selecting, training, and coming up policies tocompensate exiled employees, to tap the world labor force.Restructuring of the organization enables it to gain competitive advantage. From this,firms have continuously merged and acquisitions as a restructuring method so that they remain
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