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Theory AssessmentThe major organ systems and their vital components are given in the following table. Identify one (1) commondisorder affecting each organ or component and list two (2) signs and symptoms of each disorder, problem orcomplaint.Organ SystemOrgans /Common disorders,Two (2) signs and symptomsComponentsproblems andcomplaintsCardiovascularHeartE.g. Congestive cardiacShortness of breath, edema and fatigue.
systemfailureBlood vesselsConstriction of the blood vessels causing hypertensionSevere headaches and shortness of breathBloodSickle cell anemiaPainful selling of hands and feet, episodes of pain
Digestive systemStomachUnexplained weight loss, nausea and vomitingPeptic ulcersLarge intestineInflammable bowel disorderAbdominal pain and cramping, reduced appetiteSmall intestineUlcers in bowel wall, scar tissue inside bowel
Chron diseaseSpecial sensesEyesMacular degenerationDizziness, visual impairmentEars
Menier’s diseasesVertigo, loss of balanceNoseNasal polypsSoft growths on the lining of the nose, runny noseEndocrine systemThyroidhyperthyroidismSudden weight loss, rapid heartbeat
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