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Human Decision MakingNAME-DATE-SUBMITTED TO-1
Human Decision MakingAbstractHuman decision making depends on various mutually exclusive factors as characteristics of anindividual, memory capability of a person, the peer's influence on your thoughts, personality ofone, internal factors, biological factors and the Nation you are living in. Information processingof a person is also affected by practice and experience.IntroductionMany human making decision has undergone various examination and many are still are incontinuation. Data has been collected by judgment and simple decision-making tasks done in thelaboratories. Many internal and environmental factors are known to influence the decision ofhuman. Memory ability and limited information processing are included under internal factorswhile it is known that the external learning factors such as training can speed up the decisiontaking time and more efficiency is expected with this. Positive or negative feedback, stress andlearning effects influence human decision making. These days computer aided systems are alsoin a scenario to interrupt human decisions such as task allocation, cognition and recognition oferrors in judgment (National Research Council., 2014).Neurological factors are also importantfactors in the decision. Our decision is also dependent on our mood weather we are feeling happyor sick the fast or the delay, fruitful or bad decisions are the result of that.DiscussionThe idea collected from the various study revealed that the decision could also be overtaken onthe amount or quality of information one can grasp. Representation and availability of the task2
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