ICT612 Human Factors in Information Technology Assignment

Added on - 29 Apr 2020

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Running head: HUMAN FACTORS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYHuman Factors in Information Technology[Name of the Student][Name of the University][Author note]
HUMAN FACTORS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY2Q1. Describe how you would improve keyboard design on mobile devices that requireextensive input, including replacing QWERTY design of the keyboards for more efficienterror free input or improving applications that take advantage of direct manipulation toreduce input using the extraction of online data.Ans:Use of new keyboards with new features will greatly help in the faster input and alongwith this it will also help in decreasing the errors. By improving the shape of the keys theperformance of the qwerty keyboards can also be increased. If the new keys are provided with asmaller surface than the standard keyboards but along with this the height and the width shouldbe same for both the keyboards. The spaces in between the keys should also be a little bit moredue to the change in shape of the keys. The large space will help in feeling more comfortablewhile typing with less amount of errors. And by changing the shape of the keys the problems thatarises due to the offset will be greatly be improved up to a certain extent. The shape will begreatly helpful in increasing the speed of the typing. The positions of the different letters and thecharacters present on a standard keyboard can be changed in the new keyboard for the purpose ofseeing the other letters while typing something. This can be done if the letters are shifted to thetop left corner of the switch. The new shape of the key is shown below:Fig 1: Sample key for the new keyboard with the letter on the top left corner.A
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