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Software Development Project Assignment - (Solved)

Added on - 30 Nov 2020

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Human Factors in Software DevelopmentRead and Write: Behavioural Software Engineering PapersAhmed IsmailPA2581
IntroductionSoftware development is a project that requires the input of different stakeholders. The quality of thesoftware developed during the project is usually determined by how well the management of thestakeholders was undertaken during the project. Therefore, proper management must be undertaken toensure that the outcome of the project is of the highest quality. However, just like in all other aspects oflife, dealing with individuals in any project is usually faced by various challenges. This paper looks at anexample of a software development project. There will also be a review of the various human factorswhich have an impact on software development.A Situation where Human factors affected software DevelopmentI have experienced a situation before where human factors affected software development. The projectwas undertaken during the early onset of the Covid-19 pandemic which forced most businesses tosuspend activities or have the employees work from home. The project involved coming up with anextension on the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system of a company X. The company is a mediaproduction company which produces documentaries for mainstream media and their Video on Demandplatform. The VOD platform was the only system that could be accessed from outside. However, the restof the ERP system used in the company could not be accessed remotely. The required extension wouldallow the employees of the company to work securely from remote locations. Company X had for a longtime avoided opening their systems to outside access and as a result, the design of the ERP system hadblocked any possibilities of outside access.The ERP system being used was developed by freelance software developers who were out of the countryand could provide limited support. As a result, company Y which I was working for was tasked with theproject. The employees were required to work from home as the company was forced to comply with thework from home policies put in place by the government. This forced the management of the company X
to contact us to help in achieving the upgrade needed in their system to allow secure remote access. Wewere also required to provide a virtual environment where the employees could work as a team.An analysis of the SituationThe software development project was given to us and we started with system analysis. The organizationstructure of company X was set in a way that allowed collaboration with third parties. This was achievedby keeping contacts of all contractors and third parties who had worked before. In case anything came up,the third-party contractors could be contacted to help solving the problem. This was essential because thisprovision allowed us to be able to understand the working of the existing system easily. We were alsoable to work with the IT team of the company in understanding how the company’s employees use thesystem. We were able to start well as a result of the organization structure. The organization's structureand culture of company X were designed to allow cooperation between the company and third-partysoftware developers. According to Lenberg, Feldt, and Wallgren (2014), organizational culture andstructure is an important factor in ensuring that software development projects are successful.The human factors are divided into individual, group, and organization factors. At the beginning of theproject, we were also required to work remotely with only scheduled visits and meetings with thecompany X employees and management. At this point, I realized various individual issues that affectedthe project. There were several individuals both form my company and company X who did not show upfor meetings early enough. This led to delays in a meeting. Considering that during the period there was anight curfew, most of the time some tasks could not be achieved from the meetings as we had to leaveearly.There was also an issue of cognitive ability. Different individuals were able to understand conceptsdifferently. This led to a problem and an advantage at the same time. It was easy to deduce therequirements of the employees from some members of staff. However, some found it hard to explainthemselves on what they required from the system. It is important to note that gathering requirements
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