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Human Interaction - Assignment

Added on -2020-03-16

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1Running Head: HUMAN INTERACTIONHuman InteractionStudent’s NameInstitution
2HUMAN INTERACTIONHuman InteractionQ1. A) Sitemap HomeAbout UsSubjectsMeet FriendsMathScienceEnglishHistorySocial Studies/GeographyMiscllaneousLevel 1Level 2Level 3B) StoryboardStoryboard TemplateWebsite Name: Homeschool Hangout ZoneDescriptive name of page: Homepage Description of copy Text will offer users an introduction to the site, its purpose, and
3HUMAN INTERACTIONtext:content available. It is organized in a manner that is informative and appealing to the audience. Links on the page:The navigation menu is at the top and contains five links. The links are displayed consistently in all pages. The links are interactive whichenables users to know the status of the system. Active or hovered linksare underlined.User Interaction:Users can only interact click the navigation menu by clicking the linksprovided to visit another page. Graphical elements/Images:Two images are prominently displayed on the homepage. They enhance the outlook of the homepage and grabs user attention. Color Specs:The page has white, black, and light pink background color. This is key in avoiding the monotony of one color background which is unappealing. Text color used include white and black. Dark text colors are used against light backgrounds while bright text color is used for the black background.Font Specs:Different font size is used for different content. For example, headingshave a large font size while body content has small font size. This is key in attracting users and helping to differentiate the content presented.Additional Comments:The original website is unattractive and does not engage the target audience as expected. The website should incorporate various media such as images and
4HUMAN INTERACTIONvideo to enhance visual appeal. The navigation bar is found in the content section and this is not appropriate. It should be placed on the header to enhance usability. HomeschoolHangout ZoneHomeSubjectsAbout UsMeet FriendsMiscellaneousWelcome to Homeschool Hangout ZoneCopyright 2017.ImageImageTextLorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum Lorem IpsumTextLorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum Lorem IpsumTextLorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum
6HUMAN INTERACTIONNew Homepage design

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