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Human Relations in Admin - Learning Journal

Added on -2019-09-18

This learning journal discusses the author's communication and problem-solving skills, locus of control, and stress levels. It also includes scores received in communication and problem-solving self-assessments.
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Running Head: HUMAN RELATIONS IN ADMINHUMAN RESOURCEMANAGEMENT3-4 Learning JournalTania Farhat01/21/2017
HUMAN RELATIONS IN ADMIN1I can communicate capably, but sometimes I experience problems in communicating. Itake the time to think about the approach I am taking to communicate and focus on the messageswhich I receive and send them. My skills for solving problems are excellent as I can easily relateand identify the obstacles, opportunities as well as implement and develop the solutions whichare effective in nature and which proves the best to solve those problems. I possess a go-getterattitude towards any issues which I face, and I can solve it properly with every possible effort.I possess an internal locus of control as I can influence many events and the outcomes of those events. However, I lack the external locus of control as I do not have such habit to blame the forces of outside environment. I can control my life very well, and all the events which are happening are also well organized by me. While communicating with strangers, I experience mild burnout as I must frame my language and context that is easily understood by them. Also, I fear that any confidential information must not get leaked out by me while communicating with any stranger. My stress level scores are below 100 as I do not take much stress. It is always between low to moderate levels even in the cases of high-pressure environments when the stress levels usually go up in certain cases.On communication, I received 44 scores- I can communicate capably with fewer errorsand more confidence, but sometimes I experience problems in communicating. I always needtime to think about the approach I am taking to communicate with others and focus on themessages which I receive and send to others. On Problem Solving I received 57 scores- Myapproach to solving a problem is a “hit-and-miss.” My solutions to any problem I face dependsupon the circumstances. Sometimes it goes well, and at other times it does not go well. I canunderstand and recognize the Situation and then structure a process to problem solving. Since I

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