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Human Resource Management
IntroductionIn this present paper, we will discuss the two issues related to human resource management,namely, human capital and employment and skill gap and young people. The analysis of boththe issues we are discussed in the paper then the conclusion has been made.Human resource management is defined as the management of human resource. It is thefunction in a company which is developed to maximize the performance of employee accordingto the strategic objective of the company. It is mainly concerned with the management of humanresource through focusing on principles and policies (Mathis et al., 2016). The department of thehuman resource involves various activities such as employee recruitment, performanceappraisal, training and development, designing of employee benefits and others. It is a businessfield which is mainly focusing on maximizing the productivity of the employee. The specialist isconcentrating on implementing the policies and procedures which help to manage the humanresource in a most efficient and effective manner. The human resource specialist is focusing onvarious activities such as recruitment, employee benefits, training and development, and others.It is the role of human resource to make sure that the employee can communicate in a crossculture.The issue of human capital and employment is one of the major issues faced by theorganization. The human capital is defined as the knowledge, personality, creativity, ability toperform and others which help to produce economic value for an organization (Shaw et al.,2013). The effective utilization of human capital helps to provide a competitive advantage to thecompany which helps to distinct among the competitors within the same industry. Theinvestment in human capital helps them to work them in a most efficient and effective manner.The employment of right people for the right job at the right time is the duty of human resource
which helps to add value to an organization. Another issue is skill gap and young people whoare also a major concern for an organization because the skills are the main element whichhelps to perform the specific task in an efficient manner. The skill gap is a complex issue whichis a gap between the requirements of the job and actual performance of the employee. This gapneeds to be fulfilled by the employer because it impacts on the overall performance of thecompany. The gap can be fulfilled through training and development program, education,seminars, and others. The knowledge and skills of employees help to perform the particular taskin a most efficient and effective manner which helps to add competitive advantage to thecompany.Human capital & employmentThe human capital is defined as the sum of knowledge, skills, abilities, personality, ideas,motivation, experience, and others. The quality of human capital leads to the success of anorganization. The trends of human capital include demographic changes, the increment in thefocus of growth, knowledge, adaptability, increment in the importance of intangible assets andrecognition of human capital. The change in the demographics includes aging workforce whoimpacts on the efficiency of the workforce and it directly impacts on the performance of thecompany. The companies are focusing on growth which requires improving the bottom linebecause the effective workforce has the major contribution to the growth of a company. Thevarious key challenges are faced by the company which includes limited supply of humanresource with the adequate skills; challenges in recruiting the staff and integrating youngemployees, best human resource are recruited by the competitors, building of attractive careerpaths in the industry, difficulty in deploying experienced talent globally, understanding andforecasting talent availability in the emerging markets, and talent with the right technical skillswhich is due to lack of creativity and flexibility (Winters et al., 2013).
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