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Running head:Human Resource ManagementHuman resource management
Human Resource ManagementAbstractThe paper outlines various factors that affect the success and progress of an organization.There is wide range of factors that exist in the organization which has a direct impact on the jobsatisfaction and morale of the employees. Furthermore, the report describes causes of jobdissatisfaction and job insecurity within an organization. Human resource department plays avital role to address these challenges and issues. It explains the significance of HRM that helps toovercome these barriers and also helps to a competitive edge in the market. Further It depictsthat how the HR professionals can address these issues in an organization.2
Human Resource ManagementThe main aim behind this study is to evaluate and identify the causes of jobdissatisfaction. HRM is the backbone of each and every organization. No company can survivewithout human resource management. A poor job design can lead to job insecurity which mayhave a direct impact on the job discontentment. There are various factors that affect jobsatisfaction in the Australian market. Various strategies and laws that are implemented have beendiscussed in the paper. Human resource management is core and significant function of everycompany. Along with this, it explains roles and responsibilities to address job displeasure and jobinsecurity issues. It outlines that how managers and supervisors increase morale and confidenceof employees in order to increase outcomes and results of the company.Job design is a core function of human resource management and it is related to thespecification of contents, methods, techniques, and relationship of job in order to satisfyorganizational and technological as well as personal and social requirements of the job(Salvendy, 2012). In other words, job design may be defined as a process of organization workas a group of tasks, arranging and defining the job structure and process at the workplacedepending on the job analysis performed. Job design is done by human resource management toreduce and eliminate the mechanical aspects of the job. It plays a significant role to reducedissatisfaction of the workers (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). Job design also helps to provide jobsecurity to the workers in the organization. Job design and job security also help to provide jobsatisfaction to the workers. Workers are to be considered the assets of an organization. They notonly provide support to attain long-term objectives and goals but also help to provide strength tothe trade and business. For success and growth of any business, worker satisfaction is extremelyimportant and essential. Employee satisfaction may describe the extent to which employees feelhappy and pleased. It is also necessary because employee satisfaction leads to employee’smotivation. Moreover, satisfied employees are encouraged and promoted towards attaining theirmission and vision (Aswathappa, 2013).In Australia, job security and job design is a major concern that affects the productivityand performance of the workers as well as organization. Due to lack of interest in employees,they are unable to perform their daily responsibilities effectively and efficiently (Tooksoon,2011). It also has a direct impact on growth and success of the firm. After the variousresearchers, it has been observed that Australian workers are more disengaged and isolated from3
Human Resource Managementwork. It is observed that they do not accept constant changes and they are weary of severalchanges in the firm. They want clear guidance and direction from their managers and supervisorsas well. In the latest survey of around 32,000 employees in more than 26 countries includingAustralia, international professional service company towers Watson observed that only 44% ofAustralian workers studied said their leaders were dynamic and effective, compared to 52% oftheir international counterparts (Holland et al, 2011). It also affects the efficiency andeffectiveness of the workers adversely. Job insecurity is the biggest cause of job dissatisfactionin the organization. It has been studied that top causes of job dissatisfaction and work-relatedstress are an excessive workload and inadequate staffing process (Watt et al, 2012). Lack ofsuperior support, employees are unable to perform task and duties effectively and efficiently. Asa result conflict and barriers also arise in the workplace. The union for international cancercontrol health insurer Bupa reports that around two in five of the 5000 Australian employees and200 employees surveyed said that their work had an adverse impact on their mental and physicalhealth. In Australia, the managers do not provide opportunities for promotion and transfer.Hence, they get disappointed and they do not feel good while working in the organization. Poorand ineffective management also influence the level of satisfaction and job security of theworkers.Due to job insecurity and job dissatisfaction, employees leavetheir job in search of betteropportunities. Dissatisfaction may be raised by a wide range of elements. In Australia,underpaying the employees is one of the significant causes for job dissatisfaction (Boxall andPurcell, 2011). Workers not only have to arrange stagnant wage but also high expenses for healthinsurance. Due to limited income, the employees are under constant pressure and anxiety whichleads to disappointment. Limited advancement is another cause of job dissatisfaction. Lack ofcareer growth and development is the biggest cause for discontentment of Australian workers.Apart from this, managers do not motivate the employees for doing work effectively.Furthermore, workers also feel dissatisfied due to lack of curiosity in the work (Aydogdu andAsikgil, 2011). Boredom due to monotonous work is another reason that leads to dissatisfactionand job insecurity. Employee dissatisfaction is significant for the firm to be taken intoconsideration. Displeasure with the job leads to worker conflict and unrest. As a result of jobdiscontentment, the employees are not able to perform their work well and effectively. Jobinsecurity and job dissatisfaction also increase absenteeism and low employee turnover. It will4
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