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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTAuthor’sNameI PART ONEThe are two positions that are vacant in the Malibu Beach and Resort. These are theposition for chef and a manager. The chef position will be advertised by the use of social mediawhile that of a manager will be advertised using print media in the local newspaper. To decide onthese channels of advertising a consultation was carried out between the Human ResourcesManagement of the organization and a consultation firm involved in data analytics. This firmwas chosen because it deals with big data where it conducts data mining to come up with the bestcourse of action in different circumstances.After research, the firm concluded that the management post was better advertised usingprint media because people looking for managerial positions are more likely to read print mediaas they try to keep up to date with administrative matters going on in the country. Conversely,people looking for a position as a chef are creative and like researching on what other like-minded people are creating in order to be continually aware of new dishes and recipes that are inexistence as well as try them out in order to polish their craft. With this in mind, the companyembarked on creating the adverts and placing them in their appropriate medias ofcommunication.AManager’s advert at the Malibu resort
The job advertisement for the position of a chef at the Malibu resort to be advertised using onlinechannels.California locationHospitality industryThe Malibu resort, a well-established spot in Malibu, California is seeking the services of aproactive manager, who has excellent communication skills, problem solving and criticalthinking skills as well as great time management skills to work in their team that is veryclose knit in Malibu. With a large inflow and outflow of customers, you will be required tohave great organizational and customer care skills. You will be required to plan menus,manage budgets, ensure that the resort complies with hygiene, licensing, safety, and healthregulations, produce staff rotas, keeping financial and statistical records, and assessing andimproving profitability levels. You also need to be able to lead the employees in a propermanner and have the ability to coordinate their actions to ensure maximum productivity.You are required to have attained a bachelor’s degree in any field in the hospitality industry.You will need to liaise with clients, suppliers, licensing authority, and other employees inthe organization and offer them support when required. If you are a person with businessacumen and business experience and you are professional, proactive, with greatinterpersonal skills, and would like to join an organization that is continually expanding,this may be your next role for the long term.Kindly email your curriculum vitae to malibuorg@yandex,com or call our human resourceoffice at +156787699.
BChefThe Malibu resort in California is looking for an experienced, creative, and passionate chef whois well versed in matters of culinary arts.Job opportunityResponsibilitiesAs a chef in the Malibu resort, your duties will include;Preparation of different mealsAssignment of tasks in the kitchenTraining and interviewing kitchen staffManagement of the kitchen inventoryWorking together with the sous chef in a bid to make delectable new foods and continuallyadd on to the menu, andMaintaining the kitchen staff’ schedule.RequirementsYou should;Have great leadership skillsContinually update yourself on the different culinary trendsHave great organizational skillsHave interpersonal skillsHave proper time management skillsBe proactive.If you have prior experience working as a chef and are passionate about the restaurantindustry, we invite you to send in your application today.
Below is an induction checklist that will be used when the new employees are being inductedinto the Malibu resort.Review the job description of the recruits, their resumes and their interview notes in a bid toidentify the major training needs.Break down the induction plan into the essential activities that are to take place immediately, thebasic information that will enable the employee to commence on work, and the activities thatwill bring about further development in the recruit.Create a timetable for the induction activities that will be go on for a month.Inform all the other existing employees about the new employees, when the employees will startworking, and their role in the organization to avoid any future conflicts.Appoint people who will act as mentors to the new employees.Prepare the places where the new employees will be working on. This includes providing a desk,chair, computer, telephone, and other stationery. Consequently, show the new employees how allthe communication and information systems work.Set up the different resources that the employees will use. Incidentally, ensure that the telephoneand computer are in order as well as provide passwords and emails that will be used by theemployees.Introduce the new employees to the existing teamShow them the basic facilities in the resort such as the washrooms, coffee machine amongothers.Provide to the new employees a company booklet that has information concerning issues such asfires and the different health and safety procedures.
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