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Human Resource Management includes conducting job analyses, planning personnel needs, recruitingthe right people for the job, orienting and training, managing wages and salaries, providing benefits andincentives, evaluating performance, resolving disputes, and communicating with all employees at alllevels. Examples of core qualities of HR management are extensive knowledge of the industry,leadership, and effective negotiation skills. This report is based on which is the fourth largest chain ofsupermarket in United Kingdom. This project will state about internal and external factors that should beconsider while human resource planning, skills that should be in employees for performing their job andthe way by which employees can be motivated.Give your employees more of a say in how they do their job.Ask for their input and get suggestions on how they canimprove their performance. Most employees have ideasabout how they can be more efficient, but they may not sharethem with you unless you specifically ask them. Use regularemployee reviews to discuss these improvements, but don’tjust ask. If you really want to empower and motivate youremployees, you need to take their advice and implement it..In the above mentioned report can be concluded that there are various factors which influence human resource planning like budget, organisation structure, political etc. there are various system which is used by the company in order to motivate their employees in order to achieve appropriate goals and objectives. Various number of theories isalso used in order to measuring the performance of the employee at workplace.: It is also an important theory which define the motivational factorsof the employees and people which is also used by the company to motivate their employees:Biological and Physiological needs-air, food, drink,shelter, warmth, sex, sleep, etc.Safety needs- protection from elements, security, order,law, limits, stability, etc.Belongingness and Love needs-work group, family,affection, relationships, etc.Esteem needs-self-esteem, achievement, mastery,independence, status, dominance, prestige, managerialresponsibility, etc.Self-Actualization needs-realising personal potential,self-fulfilment, seeking personal growth and peakexperiences.Maslow focused on the psychological needs of employees. He put forward a theory that there are five levels in a hierarchy of human needs that employees need to have fulfilled at work.Conclusion Empower ThemMaslow's theoryCommunicate Better: The importance of employee communications is often overlooked.You should communicate with them frequently, and actually speak with them face-to-face.Be an Example: You can’t expect your employees to work hard or behave the way you wantthem to if you don’t lead by example. If you show your excitement about the company’sgoals, your employees will get on-board and work to achieve those goals.Provide Incentives: Incentives are always motivation boosters — and they don’t have to beexpensive. You can offer incentives like an extra paid day off, gift cards, tickets to themovies, or other low-cost ways to show your appreciation. Of course, cash rewards arealways good incentives as well.Organization motives Offer Opportunities forOffer Opportunities for Advancement: Your employees are moremotivated when they know they’re working towards something. If theythink there’s no opportunity for advancement, they don’t have much towork for. Nobody wants to work a dead-end job. Motivate youremployees by offering training that gives them the skills they need toclimb their career ladder. Grooming young employees to move on tobetter opportunities is valuable to you as well because it enables you tobuild your company’s reputation as a great place to work.Human Resource Management1.(How organisation motivate its employees)5.INTRODUCTION

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