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Human Resource Management(Outline how organisations motivate its employees)ABSTRACTPerformance related pay –This type of motivationalmethod allows for a successful, hard-working employ toreceive a benefit for their motivational attitude andextended dedication to an organisation. For example,within Morrison’s specifically, if an employee was tosell 40% more stock than expected and show a positiveattitude.From the above mentioned this research project it hasbeen concluded that, human resource managementplayed significant role in every organisation. Because ithelps to managed and control on all employees of firm.In the addition of this, HRM affected by several internaland external factors, that has been defined in appropriatemanner.CONCLUSIONBACKGROUNDMETHODOLOGYMaternity leave –Though it is the law to have maternityleave for parents, a generous one will motivate staff greatly.Though the employees within Morrison’s may not specificallybe planning on having children they have the security of agenerous maternity leave to use to their benefit. Having thisbenefit in place also results in employees within theorganisation feeling as though their cares about them, whichmay give them the motivation to perform to the best of theirability for the soul purpose of the fact that they enjoy theirwork and appreciate their employer.Corporate clothing –Many companies may notrealise the full benefit of corporate clothing. Havinga specific dress code and uniform for a job willaffect the performance of an employee greatly. Justlike school when a person has a specific uniform itwill automatically put them in the mind-set thatthey are going to work at which they will haveresponsibilities and tasks to perform throughout theday. Having this type of work attitude willinfluence a person to perform to the standardrequired and expected from their employer overallmotivating them.Introduction:Within all businesses it isimportant to ensure all staff is motivated andperforming to the best of their ability. Motivation isdefined to be the type of work ethic that ensuresemployees are interested and committed to the jobrole they are in and work to meet the necessarytargets of the organisation.
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