Performance Management and Appraisal

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Running Head: Human Resource ManagementHuman ResourceManagement
Human Resource Management1Performance management and performance appraisalPerformance management is the process of measuring the performance of the human resources inan organization. On the other hand, Performance appraisal implies the investigation of a worker'sexecution and their gauge for future development and advancement. In simpler words, it is saidthat performance management is a process that targets at planning, monitoring, and evaluation ofthe objective of the employee and his contribution to the organization (Van Dooren, Bouckaert,& Halligan, 2015). The manager and employee of the company participate in the process toevaluate the performance of the employees and to provide feedback to the employees. On theother hand, performance appraisal valuation of the employee by the employer takes place. It is alogical and systematic review conducted by the organization on annual basis to evaluate theoverall performance. It helps the employer to consider the abilities and skills of the employeesfor their future growth that enhances the efficiency of employees (Dusterhoff, Cunningham, &MacGregor, 2014).There is a difference between the performance management and performance appraisal. Here's atable that shows some of the essential variances (Mone, & London, 2014).Performance managementPerformance appraisalStrategicOperationalMore likely to include dialogTop-down assessmentFuture-oriented for growthReviewing for correctionsContinuous or on-going evaluation, combinedwith official reviewsOccur once or twice per yearLess likely to include scoresFrequently uses rankings and ratingsCombines qualitative and quantitativeapproachesIt usually includes quantitative approachFlexible processRigid systemRelated with the business needsNot related to corporate needsCollectiveIndividualNot linked with the compensationLinked with the reimbursementLess concerned with certificationOften very bureaucratic with an emphasis on
Human Resource Management2documentation or paperworkConducted by the supervisors as well asmanagersFrequently conducted by HR departmentThese processes are conducted by the managers and the supervisors of the organization alongwith the employees. The managers and the employees face some of the challenges whileimplementing the performance management as well as performance appraisals. Management ofthe performance system requires a disciplined outline. The management duty at diverse levelsneeds to understand the estimation improvement, contracting and evaluation process enormouslywell and apply it reliably. Moreover, the management wants to value that completingmanagement is not an occasion but rather something that is overseen every day except noted anddetailed at exact circumstances over surveys and evaluations (Shields, 2015). The managerof the company needs to be very specific with the framework it is using to evaluate theperformance of the employees in the organization. Suppose, the managers or the supervisors ofthe company didn't manage the performance on time then there will be a lack of the validmeasurements and the evidence. In this case, the manager will not be able to give collectivefeedback to the employees. Even the employee will not be able to implement on the feedbackgiven by the manager.Lack of credibility will be a challenge for the employees. If the employees will not keep trust onthe manager they will not be able to bring improvement in the performance according to thefeedback given to them. The relationship between the managers and the employees need to betruthful. The performance of the employees can affect the company’s goals and objectives.Employees of the organization might find themselves de-motivated due to reviews and ratingprocess. This will also reduce the engagement of the employees in the activities. Over here, themanager of the company should conduct training sessions that can help employees to understand
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