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Human Resource Management for Service Industries Assignment - Hilton Hotels

Added on - 23 Nov 2020

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Human ResourceManagement for ServiceIndustries
INTRODUCTIONIn the past few years the human resource management has entered in the every day life ofa business. As the name suggests the human resource department of any organisation make theavailability of the human that refers to labour or employee. After this resources that could be inform of money,raw material and other form of assets(Allen and et. al., 2011). The overallemployee that are in the HR department should be able to resolve all the problem related to theemployee. In this report we are taking the company in the hotel industry names as Hilton Hotelswhich is a global brand of American multinational company. Which was founded by ConardHilton on May 31,1919. There are almost 570 plus hotels in various location around the world.The report will include the role HRM and its impact on the relation between the employee andhow by giving training the performance of company could become effective.TASK 11.1 The overall purpose and role of human resource management inHilton HotelsWhile passing the time the hospitality industry have also realised that workers are themost important form of assets in the organisation. Specially the hotel industry like the HiltonHotels. The hotel having the good quality and experienced workforce can make the differencebetween a good or a bad hotel. The human resource managers of the various kinds of industriesare able to cover all the aspects of the hotel industry than improve the productivity of theorganisation(Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). After studying to the various hotel industries theresearcher have realised that the quality of service of the hotel service depends the various labourand workforce working in a hotel.The role of HRM is to develop such team that to make the effective and productive teamthat could give benefit of the competitive advantage over the rival hotel industry in market. InHilton Hotels the role of HRM is much more important because they have to maintain thecultural factors, training and development of the new employee and to a lot the task on the dailybasis etc. The management of Hilton Hotels also need to handle the customer of variouscountries having the different culture and specific attributes. Therefore there is a responsibility of
HR manager to sole the issues related to the cultural aspects. The HRM department of the hotelindustry should also solve the issues like employee turnover that is much higher in this type ofthe hotel industry.There are various roles and responsibilities of the human resources management as this acts asthe mediator between the workers and higher authority management .Training and developmentprogram formulated by the HR managers also helps in developing the skilful and trainedemployee that can improve the productivity of an organisation to maximum limit(Boxall andPurcell, 2011). So there are various roles of HRM in Hilton Hotels that helps in improving theperformance and productivity in an organisation are as follows.Identification of manpower-The main job HRM department of Hilton Hotels is toidentify that when thee would be need of the labour and manpower. So that it can fill the presentdemand of labour and employee. As every hotel industry is aware from the fact that there ishigher amount to employee turn over ratio in this type of industry(Carter and Liane Easton,2011). So the retention of the skill full and the experienced worker is also necessary for thedevelopment of the company.Forecasting of resources-The prediction of future, past and the present data isconsidered as forecasting. While the overall forecasting of resources in the present should bedone in the hotel industries as by the helps of this the management of the inventory can be donemore successfully and effectively. This saves time, money invested in the form of rent for storingthe material as well the space covered by excess of material.Development in the skills of the employee-The overall skill of the current and the newworking employee can be easily develop by giving them special kind of training. Which canimprove there basic skill in a productive and effective manner. The HRM OF Hilton Hotels canonly improve the performance in two ways first by use of some technology in the field of IT thatcan helps in managing the overall management information system. Secondly by making theeffective training programme When there is need to develop the certain skill which could bebeneficial for future of the company.Appraisal of the employee-The act of accessing the performance and then evaluatingfor the individual person or employees in the particular period of time is considered as appraisal.In Hilton Hotels it is important to do this helps in improving the carrying out the operation aswell or the person could be recognised or the reward could be given when the job is getting done.
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