Human Resource Management: Essay

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Human Resource Management
Essay questionsCultureQ1Do your staff identify with the organization and 'the success of the organization' asbeing of direct benefit to themselves?Yes, Mayer provide incentives to its employees, handsome salary package, knowledge ofsales and many more things whenever, they experience boom in their business.Q2Do your staff see themselves as having common interests with their work colleaguesand group? Is there a strong team spirit?There exist a strong team spirit between the employees working at different levels apart fromthis, managers in there concerned departments also work dedicatedly with their team(Budhwar and Debrah, 2013).Q3 Is work allocated on the basis of individual expertise rather than position in theorganization?Work is given as per the positions in the organisation like sales associate directly convincecustomers to buy the product whereas, team leader focus on overall sales at the end of themonth.Q4 Are there sufficient skills / power bases in the organization?Mayer need to hire more experts who are specialised in certain areas like human resource andtechnical experts (Silverman, Kurtz and Draper, 2016).Q5 Are there appropriate leadership skills within the organization?Team leaders provide motivation, guidance, help in solving problems, set individual targetsfor its team which shows that appropriate leadership skills exist with the organisation(Northouse, 2015).Q6 Are your staff encouraged to say what they think about the organization?Mayer have a separate grievance cell and employees are free to address their problems in itapart from this manager on the daily basis communicate employees and take their guidance.Q7 Does your organization encourage innovation and creativity amongst staff?Mayer is a departmental store which deals in man and women garments so, there is nocreativity and innovation exist among their employees.Q8 Do your staff feel a sense of personal responsibility for their work?Due to the set targets given by the team leaders, staff of the organisation are responsibletowards their work.Q9 Is quality emphasized in all aspects of the organization?Myer focus on providing quality product to its customers at competitive prices with friendlyservices for this the organisation has separate quality control department.
OrganisationQ1 Does the structure of your organization encourage effective performance?Competitive environment of the organisation motivate its employees to attain their targets ontime and earn some incentives by working extra hours.Q2 is the organization structure flexible in the face of changing demands?The organisation is very flexible as it get moulded as per needs and upcoming trends of themarket along with this, employees also adopt the changes without any complaints (Coppin,2017).Q3 Is the structure too complex? If so in what areas?No the organisational structure of Myer is not too complex. There are few directors, chiefsand technical experts as, it’s a departmental store so it have different sections for male andfemale customers.Q4Do your staff have clear roles and responsibilities?Yes, there are well define roles and responsibilities for the staff working at different level inthe firm like, responsibility of sales assistant is to convince the customers to buy the productby this they play important role in in enhancing sales.Q5Does your organization structure tend to push problems up rather than resolve them at thepoint where they occur?No, problems of the organization are solved within its department if employees face anyproblem they talk to their concern head and if still they are not convinced then, they can go tohigher authorities.Q6 Do your procedures and management practices facilitate the accomplishment of tasks?Departmental store is attaining all its sales targets on time and now it is planning to expandits business this, clearly shows the management practices adopted by the company areperfect.Q7 Do you constantly seek to challenge your organization structure?Due to the large organisational structure number of challenges occur such as, conflict amongemployees, difficulty is communicating information, maintaining healthy work environment,meeting all expenses and so on.PeopleQ1 Do your staff have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their jobs in the mosteffective manner?Proper training is provided to the staff members to develop their skill so, that they canperform the work without facing any problem and after the training they work efficiently andeffectively.Q2 Do your staff understand their jobs and how they contribute to overall businessperformance i.e. have clear goals and objectives?
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