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1Human Resource ManagementUnion DiversificationDiversification of union means increasing the reach or coverage of the union over more industryor services such as initially the union is formed for the auto industry but later on it covered otherindustry. As far as the strength of union due to diversification is concerned, I think thediversification of union makes the union more powerful. It means diversification of union makethe union stronger than weaker (Ferguson, 2016). The following reasons support this statement;Financial capacity: As the union diversifies its operation in more industry the members of theunion would increase, and the increased number of members of the union would contributemore financially to the union. When the union will be more financially sound the strength ofthe union would increase.More supporters: as it has already mentioned above that the diversification of union wouldincrease the number of the members of the union and the union would have the more humanpower that will support the union in any problem or difficulties. All the members of theunion would be working together to get fruitful result.More bargaining power: As the strength of the union would increase the bargaining power ofthe union would increase, and the union can ensure the rights of its member.Less exploitation of the workers: As the union would be stronger it will fight for the right ofthe workers, and the exploitation of the workers would decrease significantly by theindustrialist.As an auto worker, I feel good up to certain limit if the union is diversified, but I would be worrybecause I feel that if the union will diversify the focus of the union on auto worker will reduce.
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