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Running head: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTHuman Resource ManagementStudent ID:1. Identify and analyze the company’s approach to human resource development2. Outline and analyze the company approach to managing equality and diversity in theworkplace3. Evaluate how the company’s approach to these two aspects of Human Resource Managementmight help to deliver Sainsbury’s strategy through contributing to competitive advantage, andhow its approach affected by both internal and external factorsWord Count: 3000Name of the University:Author Note:
1HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTIntroductionThe report here gives an overview of the human resource management of Sainsbury.Sainsbury is the second largest retail chain in the supermarkets of United Kingdom. Here in thisreport the focus is primarily on the identification and analysis of the Sainsbury approach tohuman resource development. The approach followed by Sainsbury is strategic that primarilyfocuses on the employee empowerment for the achievement of the organizational goals.Sainsbury is an organization whose primary focus in on making the workplace conducive whereemployees would love to work. Through the report on can also find how Sainsbury consider itsemployees as it foundation, make sufficient investments on their development and training, andmake them a part of the long-term success. The report also finds Sainsbury as a company wherethe employees not only feel energized and motivated but also is also able to provide best value tothe customers. The report also mentions about the competitive reward packages offered to itsemployees. The report also gives an analysis of company approach in managing the equality anddiversity of Sainsbury. Through the report, one can find how Sainsbury believes in maintaining adiverse workforce. In this context, the company has complied with the UK legislation and hasnot only included women but also the minor classes as part of their workforce. There is alsodiscussion on how human resource strategies are helping Sainsbury in gaining a competitiveadvantage and affected by the external and internal factors.About SainsburySainsbury wants to occupy a position where people not only love to work but also shop.Therefore, the company encourages in harnessing the creativity, talent and diversity of itsemployees for ensuring greater customer satisfaction. The company also considers their
2HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTemployees the foundation for success and therefore immensely in their development and training( 2017). The company also aspires to be an inclusive retailer where it cancelebrate employee diversity along with the various perspectives they put forward in meeting thediverse customer needs. The company also offers competitive reward packages which is aboveNational Living Wage along with employee breaks. There are ranges of benefits for Sainsburyemployees that include pension and discount. The company pays pension contributions to around120,000 current employees and takes care of pension benefits of 80,000 former employees. Thecompany however makes use of various tools for understanding the feeling of the employeestowards the company. In this regard, in the year, 2016/17 the Talkback surveys initiated by thecompany had more than 116,000 participants( 2017). The company iscontinuously looking for improvement in colleague engagement. This has resulted in around 77percent of the employees in believing that the company is a great place for work and 78 percentof the employees place their trust on the company. The company also undertakes survey built ontraditional engagement that particularly measures employee loyalty and affection towards thecompany on a futuristic basis. Sainsbury also makes sufficient investment in training anddevelopment of the colleagues and at the same time encourages an inclusive workforce therebycreating employment opportunities for the community. For ensuring an inclusive workforce, thecompany undertakes various campaigns and mentoring program for the women and thedisabilities in complying with the UK legislation.Company’s Approach to Human Resource DevelopmentSainsbury follows a Strategic Human Resource Development approach. This is aproactive approach for identification of better employee support for acceleration of employeeactions and performance (Mello 2015). This approach of human resource developmentrepresents
3HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENThow the ability of the employees improved through effective training and development programthatensures better performance of their jobs and in increase of productivity. Thus, the better theemployees perform in their job the higher is the productivity of the organization. Therefore, thestrategic human resource development refers to a constant stream of required actions necessaryfor maintaining or enhancing the competency and skills (Northouse 2015). This procedure ofhuman resource development determines conducting a training evaluation through the initiationof proper training initiatives. However, the training and development strategy adopted understrategic human resource development needs alignment with the needs of the organization forachieving its objectives and mission. The Strategic Human Resource Development approachdepends on analysis of the training needs, classification of competencies and analysis of posttraining in attainment of the organizational objectives.Making Sainsbury A Great Work PlaceHowever, in the light of Strategic Human Resource Development, Sainsbury wants to bea place where people would love to work. Thus, the organization tries to harness the creativity,talent and diversity of the employees for ensuring customer satisfaction (Banfield and Kay2012). The company considers their employees as their foundation and therefore engages them inensuring long-term success of the organization by ensuring investment in their development andtraining. The company also seeks to be an inclusive retailer through celebration of diversity ofthe employees and thereby value the varied perspectives put forward by them in meeting thediverse customer needs. The company also makes sure in listening to the employees so that thecompany becomes a place where everyone not only feels energized and motivated but at thesame time offer best service and value to the customers.
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