Human Resource Management in Walmart Inc

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Human resourcemanagement inWalmart Inc.
Walmart Inc.Walmart Inc. is a multinational retail corporation originated in theUnited States of America in the year 1969 ( has more than 2.2 million employees currently working indifferent branches of the company in the world.The organizational structure of the company determines the businessactivities of Walmart Inc.
Evaluation of HRM functions ofWalmartThe three functions that has been selected is performance appraisalof the employees in the organization along with development andtraining of the personnel and recruitment method of the company inhiring new employees in the organizationPerformance Appraisal of the employees is done in Walmart byassessing the performance of the different employees who areemployed by the progress in their work and the potentiality ismeasured in analysing the future development of the employees aswell.
Recruitment at WalmartWalmart recruits different kinds of candidates as perthe specifications of employment process.The Manpower planning is conducted by them as toascertain the qualifications of the candidates.The company provides job description based onwhich they derive these specifications.
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