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Question: What are the key facts/issues in this story?Answer – To provide an answer to this; first, we need to share a background information of this story. Vivienne and her family had emigrated from Hong Kong to Australia when she was small, and currently, they own a successful restaurant in China Town. Vivian has pursued her Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Human Resource Management and Hospitality Management. Her brothers have held their degrees in accounting and law. With an aim to open her own Chinese restaurant, she along with her brother decided to propose plans to open restaurant (Văduva and Neagoie, 2016).The story discusses the planning of Vivienne and her brothers about the type of restaurant they would like to build. The idea of opening a Chinese restaurant included specialization in seafood, an idea of lavish Hong Kong style dumplings and yum cha. Besides all these, they have also planned to offer a great service in terms of professional aspect, friendly aspect, and knowledgeability and efficiency.The issues revolving around the incorporation of all these plans addressed to how to find a unique selling point; which menu should be adopted; management; hiring and training staff; marketing; capital and customer service. As owning a restaurant is not an easy task, and to open a restaurant with from financing to staffing are very challenging, Vivienne and her brothers must carve a successful niche behind ways to find solution to these issues and attempt to make the restaurant a success which they dreamt of (Stam and Bosma, 2014).Question: What steps might Vivienne and her brothers take to successfully fill the jobs in their new restaurant?Answer – Hiring can be one of the most frustrating and tiresome aspects of any business. In this paper, we will review the steps which Vivienne and her brothers might take to successfully fill

the jobs in their new restaurant. First, they must propose a plan addressing how to hire restaurant employees that would make the hiring process a little easier. Traditional methods for hiring involves contacting known people such as close family and friends to fill potential jobs (Chesbrough, 2013).Posting a website addressing the hiring of restaurant employees is considered to be the easiest way to get new candidates for filling the jobs. In order to ensure that Vivienne and her brothers are making a good move towards getting quality applicants, they can do a few simple things suchas creating a page which asks questions pertaining to selection criteria, such as “When should we take the main course to the customer?” Or “How long does it take to cook a steak to medium rare?” Vivienne and her brothers can also indulge themselves in making job postings at relevant restaurant career job portals, such as Career Builder, Craigslist, Google AdWords and others. Since, hiring the best employees and have them stay on board for decades are considered to be the toughest part of starting a business, following the above-mentioned hiring protocols could make Vivienne and her brothers to successfully fill the jobs in their new restaurant (Nikolaou, 2014).Question: Where might they source employees?Answer – Since selecting the best possible people who can fit within work culture and contributeto the organization is a challenge, and an opportunity faced by hiring managers, Vivienne and her brothers must indulge themselves in keeping the best people, once they find them ideal for their restaurant profile of interest. These involve investing time in developing relationships with university placement offices, recruiters and executive search firms who work in hotel management domain and chef-line. Secondly, enabling current staff members to actively

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