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Human Resource Management
Human resource administration is strategic approach to effective arrangement of
company workers, so that they assist enterprise increase competing benefits. Its aim is to ensure
that firm's is capable to attain attainment done people. Human resource manager recruiting and
hiring of people, building up relationship, managing performance and giving benefits (Snell,
Morris and Bohlander, 2015). HR divisions are accountable for perception worker welfare
design, preparation as well as improvement, execution assessment as well as appreciated. This
report is based on Marks & Spencer (M&S). It is leading British international retailers in
London. Company particularize in merchandising of wearable, domestic product as well as
lavishness food commodity.
This report will explain aim and utility of HRM that applicable in manpower planning as
well as resources as well as give expert and abilities to achieve goals of company. It will also
state strengths and weaknesses of various theories to hiring and choice for organization. It will
also state benefits of different human resource management activities for both leader and worker
within company. Furthermore, report wills analysis value of employees relations in regard to
influence on making judgement of human resource management, identify primal components of
employment law making as well as its effects upon decision making of HRM. It will illustrate
utilization of HRM activities in work related context using special example from company.
P 1 Purpose and function HRM applicable to workforce planning and resourcing
Marks and Spencer is British multinational retailer company which selling of clothing,
home commodity and luxury food products. All the employers and workers of organization
maintain good democratic policies and employees engagement (Bamberger, Meshoulam and
Biron, 2014).
Human Resource Management: It is approach to bring off people in the company that assist in
gain competition. It includes recruitment and selection, training and development, designing
employees’ benefits, performance management etc.
Work force planning: Work force planning is procedures that adjust enterprise and HR
necessarily to insure companies have exact person with appropriate abilities at correct time
period as well as cost to execute efficiently and successfully.
Function of HRM:
The primary aim of HRM is to insure accessibility of effective and disposed manpower to
company. On other hand, there are various functions that are applicable to workforce planning in
M&S. Such as follows:
Recruitment and Selection: It is main utility of human resource management by
choosing proper worker as well as determines to utilize suitable professed hire workers to work
necessarily, hiring as well as giving the best preparation to worker (Banfield, Kay and Royles,
2018).With assist of this function, HR supporter effective preparation of workforces in M&S.
They make sure that give better performance and handle issues related to performance and
ensuring workforce.
Learnedness: Important activity of human resource administration is to help basic
cognitive process of employees. HR assistant of M&S adopt human capital theory that they
involve in workplace learning that helps in developing good workforce. With the help of
learning, better ability of workers and devising organization into impressive learning
environment (Kavanagh and Johnson, eds., 2017).
Execution administration: It is also main activity as well as procedure of human
resource administration that HR assistant uses to measuring job execution, keep bearing activity
team as well as determine manpower in organization. With the help of it, they make sure that all
employees are working effectively and efficiently in the organization. Effective work
performance of workers helps in impressive manpower planning of company (Jackson, Schuler
and Jiang, 2014).
Purpose of HRM:
There are many purposes of human resource management that are helping in effective
workforce planning in M&. Such as follows:
Staffing: It is main purpose of human resource management in organization. Therefore,
HR assistant of M&S make sure that effective staffing in workplace. This helps in effective
manpower planning in organization. With the help of staffing, they are easily achieving goals
and objectives of company (Storey, 2014).
Managing quality: Main purpose of human resource administration is to manage quality
of employees in the organization. With the help of improving quality of workers, HR assistant
make sure that effectively planning of workforce in the M&S.
Building coordination: The main purpose of HRM is to build coordination between
departments of organization. So that, HR assistant makes sure that effectively planning of
workforce in the workplace. With the help of manpower planning, they are building coordination
between departments of M&S.
Function of HRM provides skills and talent:
The main function of HRM is training and development, learning, performance
management etc. With the help of it, HR assistant provides skills and talent to employees of
M&S. Such as follows:
Training and development: The main function of HRM is provided training and
development to employees of M&S. With the help this function, HR assistant give and develop
skills and knowledge of workers in the workplace (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow, 2016)
Learning: It is also primary activity of human resource administration in company. With
help of learnedness, provide as well as evolve ability and expert of worker in organization.
Human resource planning: It is function of human resource management as well as
process by which defines current manpower positions to its desired workforce planning. It is
combining approach to perform planning aspects of personnel activity in order to adequate
supply of developed and motivated people to work responsibilities and meet objective of M&S.
Succession planning: It is procedures for determining and growing of availability of
experienced and capable workers that are prepared to assume roles. Impressive succession
planning works by assessing staffing requirement that rise and develop long term objectives.
P 2 Strengths and weakness of different approaches of recruitment and selection
Approaches of Recruitment:
Recruitment is the process of hiring of person for job position in organization according
to skills, knowledge and ability of performing in the organization. The aim of recruitment
procedure to discovery the broad pool of candidates to give the greatest chances to choose the

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